Wellington X3989 20/21 August 1942

Wellington Mk III - X3989 - KO-V

T/O Marham 2150. Minelaying operations in French waters.
Lost without trace.

Source: 115 Squadron Roll of Honour by D. Bruce, W. R. Chorley, J. G. J. de Haan.

Minelaying: 57 aircraft laid mines at many places from Brest to Danzig.
5 Halifaxes made leaflet flights to France without loss.

3 Stirlings and 3 Wellingtons lost.

Source: nationalarchives.gov.uk - Bomber Command - Campaign Diary August 1942.

ORB. 20th August, 1942.
10 aircraft (5 from "A" Flight and 5 from "B" Flight)
took off on MINELAYING OPERATIONS between 2146 and 2206 hours.
9 of the aircraft successfully located their positions by T.R. and D.R. fixes and dropped their mines
in the allotted positions from heights between 700 and 1,000 feet.
One aircraft (A/C. H.B.J.660 - Captain P/O. GRIMSON - after being shot up)
crash landed at EXETER but all its crew were safe,
One aircraft failed to return.

0511. All the remaining aircraft had returned safely to base after Operations.

Newman James WilliamNewman James William Newman James William - Pilot

F/S - Service No R/88706

Age: 22


Son of William and Lilian Newman,
of New Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 105

Source: CWGC - Photo via Canadian virtual war memorial.

Aitken Charles Aitken Charles - Observer

Sgt - Service No 1551157



Son of

Runnymede Memorial - panel 77

Source: CWGC.

Tyler Gerald Osmond Tyler Gerald Osmond - W.Op.

Sgt - Service No 924164

Age: 30


Son of Arthur and Maude Beatrice Tyler.
Husband of Hilda Marion Tyler, of Westgate-on-Sea, Kent.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 95

Source: CWGC.

Stanley Eric Featherstonhaugh Stanley Eric Featherstonhaugh - FG

Sgt - Service No 1176789

Age: 28


Son of Arthur F. and Edith M. Stanley, of Northampton.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 94

Source: CWGC.

Taylor-Thomas Arthur Kay Taylor-Thomas Arthur Kay - RG

Sgt - Service No 1387361

Age: 31


Son of George and Maud Miriam Kay Taylor-Thomas.
Husband of Anna Mathilde Taylor-Thomas.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 95

Source: CWGC.