Wellington X3750 21/22 July 1942

Wellington Mk III - X3750 - KO-B

T/O Marham 2349. Target Duisburg, Germany.
Shot down by a night fighter and crashed on the Scherpenrijd at Overakker,
2 km E of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Source: 115 Squadron Roll of Honour by D. Bruce, W. R. Chorley, J. G. J. de Haan - Aviation Safety Network.

time 0206 Shot down by Oblt. R. Knacke of 1./NJG1 Crashed at Strabrechtse Heide south of Mierlo Noord-Brabant,
info by Snautzer01.

291 aircraft - 170 Wellingtons, 39 Halifaxes, 36 Stirlings, 29 Lancasters, 17 Hampdens.

253 returning crews reported that they had bombed and started many fires but photographs
showed that the flares of the leading aircraft, dropped by Gee, were not accurate and part of
the bombing fell in open country over the Rhine to the west.
This large raid was possibly sent on a moonless night to avoid the German night fighters.
It is interesting to note that bombing results were better than on many moonlit raids but the
bomber casualties, at 4.1 per cent, were heavier than normal.
Returning crews reported that Duisburg's Flak and searchlight defences were not as fierce as in
recent raids to that target because of the haze and most of the bomber losses were suffered in the coastal fighter belt.
Duisburg reports much damage in housing areas, 94 buildings being destroyed and 256 seriously
damaged, with 49 people killed.
What Bomber Command documents describe as 'ground sources' later stated that the
Thyssen steelworks and 2 other important war industries were hit.

12 aircraft - 10 Wellingtons, 1 Halifax, 1 Hampden - lost.

Source: nationalarchives.gov.uk - Bomber Command - Campaign Diary July 1942.

ORB. 21st. July, 1942.
16 aircraft (9 from 'A' Flight and 7 from 'B' Flight)
took off between 2349 and 0015 hours,
14 to attack target DUISBERG and 2 for MINELAYING operations.
8 of the aircraft attacking DUISBERG successfully located and attacked target and
bombing from heights ranging between 12500 and 14800 feet dropped their bombs on
the docks and build up areas between the docks and railway yards.
Several fires were observed and fires started.
Photographs were attempted and leaflets dropped.
1 of the remaining aircraft (A/C. H.Z.1605 - Captain Sgt. GLAUSER - A/C. sustained several small damages)
attacked the alternative target DORTMUND, evasive action over DUISBERG having caused change of course.
2 aircraft were forced to jettison their bombs due to
(A/C. D.Z.1624 - Captain P/O. FRY) engine overheating in one case and
(A/C. H.B.J.660 - Captain P/O. GRIMSTON) electrical failure (port propeller) in the other.
3 of the aircraft failed to return.
the 2 remaining aircraft detailed for MINELAYING operations dropped their mines successfully in the allotted positions.

0434. All the aircraft with the exception of
A/C. X.X.3561 (Captain P/O. FREEGARD) Wellington Mk III X3561 KO-X - 3 KIA, 2 POW,
A/C. A.X.3726 (Captain P/O. STANFORD) Wellington Mk III X3726 KO-A - 1 KIA, 5 POW., and
A/C. B.X.3750 (Captain Sgt. FLETCHER),
had returned safely to Base after operations.

(A/C. G.B.J.616 - Captain Sgt. SMITH - A/C. was damaged by Flak in the port wing,
fuselage and pilots hatch, T.R. was unserviceable)

Wellington X3750Fletcher John Horace Fletcher John Horace - Pilot

Sgt - Service No 943590

Age: 22


Son of Horace R. and Ethel A. Fletcher, of Birstall, Leicestershire.

Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery - Plot JJ. Grave 83-86 (Coll.)

Source: CWGC - photo: Find a grave by Fred.

Morris John Ingram Morris John Ingram Morris John Ingram - Observer

Sgt - Service No 1256392

Age: 21


Son of James and Eva Gertrude Morris, of Long Ashton, Somerset.

Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery - Plot JJ. Grave 83-86 (Coll.)

Source: CWGC - photo: by Snautzer01, thanks - Find a grave by Fred.

Roney George WilliamWellington X3750 Roney George (Jim) William - W.Op./Air Gnr.

F/S - Service No R/67269

Age: 26


Son of Harry E. and Clara Octavia Roney,
of Napanee, Ontario, Canada.

Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery - Plot JJ. Grave 82

Source: CWGC - Photo via Canadian virtual war memorial. - Find a grave by Fred.

Brown William ElliottBrown William Elliott Brown William Elliott - FG

F/S - Service No R/78076

Age: 20


Son of William Easson Brown and Jessie Madeleine Brown,
of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery - Plot JJ. Grave 83-86 (Coll.)

Source: CWGC - photo via Canadian virtual war memorial., - Find a grave by Fred.

Wellington X3750Standen Leonard Alfred Charles Standen Leonard Alfred Charles - RG

Sgt - Service No 910440



Son of

Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery - Plot JJ. Grave 83-86 (Coll.)

Source: CWGC - photo: Find a grave by Fred.