Wellington W5459 29/30 June 1941

Wellington Mk II - W5459 - KO-L

T/O 2314. Target: Hamburg and Bremen, Germany.
One of four modified Wellington's to carry a 4000lb bomb (blockbuster bomb or cookie.)
Shot down by night fighter Hptm Walter Ehle, II./NJG1.
Crashed at Altenwarder, 3,5 km. SW of Hamburg.

ORB. 29/6/1941.
11 aircraft (6 from 'A' Flight, and 5 'B' Flight) were detailed to attack Targets HAMBURG and BREMEN.
Aircraft took off between 2259. hours and 2315. hours.

In the attack on HAMBURG, carried out in good visibility, many bombs were dropped in the target area,
and the 4.000 lb. Special bomb, caused a large yellow explosion, which started a fire with a great deal of white smoke.

Attacking BREMEN at bombing height ranging from 11.000 feet to 14.000 feet, all bombs fell in target area,
and numerous small fires were started but no definite results were observed.
A/C. W.5459. (Captain F/L. BAILEY) and
A/C. R.1509. (Captain P/O. McSWEYN) Wellington MK IC R1509 KO-P failed to return from Operations, 5 POW, 1 escaped, and
A/C. R.1805. (Captain Sgt. PAYNE) crashed at MANBY on the return.
A/C. R.1085. (Captain Sgt. SMITH) A/C. later got off its course and passed over HELIGOLAND
and bombed BREMERHAVEN owing to time getting short.
A/C. R.1500. (Captain Sgt. MATTHEWS) returned owing to intercommunication failure.

0533. All aircraft with the exception of W.5459., R.1509. and R.1805. had returned safely to Base after Operations.

Source: 115 Squadron Roll of Honour by D. Bruce, W. R. Chorley, J. G. J. de Haan.

Bailey Jack Alexander JamesBailey Jack Alexander James Bailey Jack Alexander James - Pilot

F/Lt - Service No 86371 - DFC May 1941.

Age: 23


Son of Harry Alexander Bailey and Ethel Constance Bailey, of Manchester.

Becklingen War Cemetery - 26. B. 11.

Source: CWGC. - photo Find a Grave by Flipside20.

Tetlow George WalterTetlow George Walter Tetlow George Walter - 2nd Pilot

P/O - Service No 60757

Age: 21


Son of Rupert and Winifred Tetlow, of Gosforth, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Becklingen War Cemetery - 26. B. 10.

Source: CWGC - photo Find a Grave by Flipside20.

Purser John HenryPurser John Henry Purser John Henry - Observer

P/O - Service No J/2832

Age: 21


Son of John Frederick and Daisy Purser.
Husband of Margaret Laird, of London, Ontario, Canada.

Becklingen War Cemetery - 26. B. 8.

Source: CWGC - Purser John Henry Letters via John Jones, thanks -
photo: Canadian virtual war memorial, Find a Grave.

Panes Elton TalbotPanes Elton Talbot Panes Elton Talbot - W.Op./Air Gnr

Sgt - Service No 975770



Son of Reginald Ballie Panes and Alice Florence Panes, of Long Ashton, Somerset.

Becklingen War Cemetery - 26. B. 7.

Source: CWGC. - photo Find a Grave by Flipside20.

Nichols Frederick RobertNichols Frederick Robert Nichols Frederick Robert - W.Op./Air Gnr

Sgt - Service No 975787

Age: 30


Son of Frederic Claude and Cleva Nichols, of Southbourne, Bournemouth, Hampshire.

Becklingen War Cemetery - 26. B. 6.

Source: CWGC. - photo Find a Grave by Flipside20.

Gray Raymond MarshallGray Raymond Marshall Gray Raymond Marshall - RG

F/Sgt - Service No 808255- DFM


RAF - (Auxiliary Air Force)

Becklingen War Cemetery - 26. B. 9.

Source: CWGC. - photos Find a Grave by Honour those who fell & Flipside20.