Wellington R3292 30 Sep/1 October 1940

Wellington Mk IC - T2549 - KO-K

T/O Marham 1938. Target marshalling yards Osnabrück, Germany.

Werner Streib of 2./NJG 1 claimed,
Wellington near Bersenbrück 22.49H (prob Wellington T2549)
Hampden near Bad Bergen 23.19H (Whitley T4130)
Wellington at Menslage 23.21H (either R3219 or R3292)

Heinrich Griese of 1./NJG 1 claimed
Wellington near Löningen 12km NW Quakenbrück 00.38H

On the night of 30 September/1 October just over 100 aircraft bombed targets in Germany and the Channel ports.
Three of Marham's Wellingtons were tasked with bombing the marshalling yards at Ehrang.
Ten more were part of a formation of Wellingtons detailed to bomb the Reichsluftfahrt Ministerium (German Air Ministry) in Berlin.
Seventeen crews, including seven from Marham, claimed to have attacked this single building in the Leipzigstrasse
but just six bombs fell on the German capital and the Air Ministry was not hit.
Pilot Officer Donald MacLean's aircraft on 38 Squadron was shot down attacking Leipzig.
McLean was killed. His five crew survived to be taken prisoner.

Source: 115 Squadron Roll of Honour by D. Bruce, W. R. Chorley, J. G. J. de Haan - The Wellington Bomber, from Martin W Bowman - forum.12oclockhigh.net.

ORB. 30/9/1940.
Twelve A/C (took off between 18.44 hours and 19.53 hours) from each Sqdn., at MARHAM and eleven from STRADISHALL
attacked Air Ministry at BERLIN, marshalling yards at OSNABRUCK and aerodrome at LEUNA.

Five aircraft were on Air Ministry at BERLIN.
Hits appeared to be obtained, but clouds prevented observation.

One aircraft was unable to locate target and bombed ROTTENBURG aerodrome.

Two aircraft on OSNABRUCK.

P/O. STEEL and Sgt. WESSELS Wellington Mk IC R3292 KO-F no survivors, failed to return.

Another of our aircraft saw three aircraft shot down in flames, and was itself attacked by three M.E.110's.
About 40 searchlights came on suddenly co-operating with fighters, our aircraft dived to 2000 feet before avoiding fighters.

0305. Two aircraft, P/O. STEEL and Sgt. WESSELS failed to return.
Two aircraft returned early, one with engine trouble, and the other with intercom. u/s.

Steel A Steel A. J. J. - Pilot

F/O - Service No 42539



POW - nr. 1281 Luft 3.


Wellington T2549Goldie Leonard George Goldie Leonard George - Pilot

Sgt - Service No 745606

Age: 26


Son of Oswald Burt Goldie and Caroline Alice Goldie, of Blandford, Dorsetshire.
Len Goldie lived in Queens Road. The family had a garage business which was
opposite the Crown Hotel gardens, it is now a restaurant.
He had a brother Harold who spent some years in the army.
Source: www.opcdorset.org

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - 26. G. 1

Source CWGC - Photo via online-begraafplaatsen.nl

Mogg Ronald P Mogg Ronald P. - Observer

Sgt - Service No 744979

RAFVR -  awarded an MBE in December 1945.

POW - nr. 302
Stalag Luft I (Barth)
Stalag Luft III ( Sagan) became an assistant to F/S J A G. "Dixie" Deans - NCO Compound Leader.
Stalag Luft VI (Heydekrug) F/S. J A G. Deans was appointed Camp Leader and F/S. Mogg his deputy.
Stalag 357 (Thorn and Oerbke).

Source: ww2talk.com - 'Footprints on the Sands of Time' - Clutton-Brock

Wellington T2549Walter James Le Blond Robert Walter James Le Blond Robert - W.Op./Air Gnr.

Sgt - Service No 902245

Age: 19


Son of Robert John and Winifred Violet Walter, of Christchurch, Hampshire.

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - Coll. grave 26. F. 1-9
Same Coll. grave as : Sgt Cameron, Sgt Thompson, Sgt Wessels, from
Wellington crew, R3292 KO-F, 115 Squadron.

Source CWGC - Photo via online-begraafplaatsen.nl

Dowsett Colin Dowsett Colin

Sgt - Service No 650716



Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Dowsett, of Ilford, Essex.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 13.

Source GWGC

Wellington T2549Westwood Douglas Eric Westwood Douglas Eric - Air Gnr.

Sgt - Service No 805525

Age: 20

RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)

Son of Simon and Florence Westwood, of Handsworth, Birmingham.

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - 26. F. 10.

Source CWGC - Photo via online-begraafplaatsen.nl