Wellington R3202 2/3 August 1940

Wellington Mk IC - R3202 - KO-J

T/O Marham 2124. Target, oil refinery Hamburg, Germany.

Ditched 0200 off the island of Rottum, Netherlands. The aircraft was found in 1980.

ORB. 2/8/1940. Eleven aircraft from each Squadron at MARHAM took off (between 21.24 hours to 22.05 hours)
to attack oil refinery at HAMBURG, and MARSHALLING YARD at HAMM.
FOUR aircraft attacked Oil refinery at HAMBURG.
Two straddled target, the other hit docks, causing clouds of white smoke.
Other aircraft could not attack main target in view of engine trouble or Flak and searchlight hiding target,
and therefore attacked alternative targets, e.g., ALTONA docks, EMDEN docks, and railway junction S. of HAMBURG.
One aircraft had engine trouble and returned with bombs, another aircraft had bombs hang up.
The flak and searchlights were One third again as intense as on previous occasions. Nickels were dropped.
The sea route via, CUXHAVEN and WILHEMSHAVEN was peaceful.

Wellington R3202Casualties.
0145. S.O.S. signals were received from P/O. GERRY for about half an hour
which seemed to indicate that aircraft was losing and gaining height as engines cut out.
Last signal received about 100 miles from Coast., N.E. of MARHAM.
0430. The other aircraft had returned, three with bombs.
0530. W/Cmdr. DABINETT took off to search for P/O. GERRY, a No.38 Sqdn. aircraft,
F/L. HOPKINS and aircraft of the Coastal Command carried out search also
during the day but nothing was seen.

Photo by David Woltinge - monument for the crew at the dijk at Uithuizermeeden.

Gerry Reginald TorranceGerry Reginald Torrance Gerry Reginald Torrance - Pilot

P/O - Service No 41013

Age: 23


Son of Harold Dudley Gerry and Margaret Buchanan Gerry,
of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

P/O Gerry washed ashore on 23 August 1940.
Oldebroek General Cemetery, Netherlands, grave 45.

Source GWGC - Photo and more info via Canadian virtual war memorial.

Pryor Ronald WilliamWellington R3202 Pryor Ronald William - Pilot

P/O - Service No 42723

Age: 21


Son of Cecil P. and Dorothy M. Pryor of Wallasey, Cheshire.

P/O Pryor was found at sea on 20 August 1940.
Uithuizen General Cemetery. Private Memorial in soutn-west corner.

Source GWGC - Photo: Find a grave by Martin Carrack and Stephen Farnell.

Ruffell-Hazell Richard James Ruffell-Hazell Richard James - Observer

F/S - Service No 359517 - DFM.

Age : 33


Son of James and Flora Eliza Ruffell-Hazel.
Husband of Winifred Mary Ruffell-Hazel, of Winchester.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 11.

Source GWGC - Photo:

Air Observer Air 2/9412
Sergeant Ruffel-Hazel acted as Navigator to his Flight Commander, Squadrn Leader du Boulay,
on all the long distance
bombingh attacks made by the Flight Commande between 9th and 13th April, 1940.
In these flights, by day and by night, his skill both as a Navigator and bomb Aimer and the unruffled manner in which he
carried out his duties in the face of enemy opposition were largely responsible for the success achieved.
Throughout the operations during the period 4th to 13th April, 1940, he set a fine example of tenacity and devotion to duty.

Remarks by AOC
This NCO displayed gallantry and devotion to duty of the highest oder during a period of intensive operations under difficult conditions.
His skill, courage and general attitude towards the Work which had to be done, steadfastly maintained day by day and night by night,
provoed a very valube example to the remainder of the flying crews.
Very strongly recommended.

Source: forum.12oclockhigh.net by Delmenhorst.

Dempsey JamesDempsey James Dempsey James - Wireless Operator/Air Gnr.

Sgt - Service No 640266

Age: 21


Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Dempsey, of Kirkcaldy, Fife.

Sgt Dempsey was found at sea on 23 August 1940.
Delfzijl General Cemetery, Netherlands, Plot B. Class 2B. Row 21. Grave 287.

Source GWGC - Photo: Find a grave by Wouter van Dijken.

Croft Jack Millen Croft Jack Millen - Air Gnr.

Sgt - Service No 635759

Age: 20


Son of Carey and Harriet Ann Croft, of Earby, Yorkshire.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 13.

Source GWGC - Photo (Pinterest.com) Kath Fenning, cousin.

Wellinton R3202Wilde Sidney John Scott Wilde Sidney John Scott - Air Gnr.

P/O - Service No 76931

Age: 31


Son of Sidney A. and Iris Scott Wilde.
Husband of Ila Wilde, of Howwood, Renfrewshire.

Sgt Wilde was found at sea on 23 August 1940.
Delfzijl General Cemetery, Netherlands, Plot B. Class 2B. Row 21. Grave 285.

*John's brother, Ordinary Seaman David Scott Wilde,
who joined the Navy in 1939 when only aged 16,
was killed when HMS Coventry was lost off Tobruk on 14th September 1942.

Source GWGC - Photo via Find a grave, by Wouter van Dijken - *info by Stephen Farnell - 626 squadron