Wellington R1471 5/6 August 1941

Wellington Mk IC - R1471 - KO-T

T/O Marham 2247. Target: Mannheim, Germany.
Shot down by Lt Hans Joachim Redlich van I./NJG 1 and crashed 01u3 at Zuurbemde, Belgium.

ORB. 5th. August. (5 A/C. took off between 2245 to 2251.)
3 of the above A/C. successfully located and attacked target.
Visibility being good, all bombs were seen to fall on or near aiming mark.
One stick dropped on railway just S.E. of station.
Many fires seen burning on arrival. Bombing heights ranged from 13,000 to 15,500 ft.
A/C. A.X.9751 (Captain F/Sgt. EDWARDS) was (owing to cloud) unable to locate primary or secondary target
and so returned with all its bombs.

0515. All A/C. with the exception of T.R.1471 had returned to English Bases.
A/C. T.R.1471 (Capt. F/Lt. LITCHFIELD) failed to return from operations.

*Wellington R1471 was caught by three searchlights and Fl/Lt. Litchfield informed the crew that was not good and that
they had very little chance of survival.
Fred Litchfield informed the crew that he was going down to shoot out the light which they did, but were hit in the process.
Switching off all the electrics and the engines reducing the risk of fire the aircraft started its descent.
As the aircraft came down, it hit some high tension cables and then touched the ground in a potato field, carried on,
hitting a hedge and then ploughing through some tree which helped to slow the aircraft down,
the aircraft finally came to a stop in the middle of the next field.
The front gunner Sgt. Ted Lambert was trapped in his turret and it took some time finding him and getting the injured man out.

The month was marked by poor weather hampering Bomber Command's operations over Germany.
In the early days of August, only on two nights did 200 or more aircraft operate (289 was the highest during 5th/6th August)
and crews frequently returned bemoaning the cloud which frequently interfered with their work.

Sources: nationalarchives.gov.uk - www.raf.mod.uk/bombercommand/diary1941 - *Fotos and more info on Aircrew Remembered

Litchfield Frederick Lorne Litchfield Frederick Lorne "Fred" - Pilot

F/L - Service No 39209*

Age: 27 - PoW No 3716 Camps: Stalag XC -
Neinburg, Stalag Luft III - Sagan and Belaria*


Photo via Aircrew Remembered

Hilton-Jones Richard Hanmer Hilton-Jones Richard Hanmer "Dick" - 2nd Pilot

F/S - Service No 1101962*

Age: 28 - PoW No 65 Camps: Stalag IIIE- Kirchain, Stalag Luft III -
Sagan and Belaria, Stalag Luft IV - Heyderkrug, 357 - Korpernikus*


Photo via Aircrew Remembered

Boutle Donald Arthur Boutle Donald Arthur "Don" - Navigator

Sgt - Service No 922609*

Age: - Wounded, skull fracture - PoW No 39536 Camps: Stalag IXC -
Muhlhausen, Stalag Luft VI - Heyderkrug, 357 - Korpernikus*

RAFVR - Liberated on 16 April 1945 and on 24 April 1945 back home, England.

Photo via Aircrew Remembered

Lawson Alexander Scott "Jock" - Bomb Aimer

Sgt - Service No 646300*

Age: - Badly injured in the face. - PoW No 85 Camps: Stalag IIIE -
Kirchain, Stalag Luft VI - Heyderkrug, Stalag Luft IV - Gross Tychow*


Son of

Lambert Edward Frank "Ted" - W.Op./Air Gnr.

Sgt - Service No 958963*

Age: - PoW No 70 Camps: Stalag IIIE- Kirchain, Stalag Luft III -
Sagan and Belaria, Stalag Luft VI - Heyderkrug, 357 - Korpernikus*


Son of

Walker James Ian Bradley Walker James Ian Bradley "Cobber"- Air Gnr

Sgt - Service No NZ 40211

Age: °20 February 1920 - + 6 June 2009.
Wounded, severe leg fracture under the knee. - POW No ?
Camps: Dulag Luft, Reserve Lazarett 1249 -
Stalag IXc, Reserve Lazarett Stalag IX-A/H at Kloster Haina*

Angela Walker wrote a book "From Battle of Britain Airman to PoW Escapee".
Sergeant James Walker survived tree crashes and escaped eight day out of a prisoner of war camp.

R1471 Angela Walker


Photo via Aircrew Remembered - more info on Online Cenotaph.