Wellington R1470 3/4 April 1941

Wellington Mk IC - R1470 - KO-H

T/O Marham 1847. Target: Warships at Brest, France.
Shot down by a Ju 88c intruder, Lt. Heinz Volker I./NJG 2.
Crashed 0120 on marshland at Ongar, Terrington St. Clement, 5 miles W of King's Lynn.

This Wellington was part of a large force of bombers despatched to attack the Scharnhorst ('Salmon') and Gneisenau ('Gluckstein') warships.
It was on this night that 4,000lb bombs were used operationally for the first time when they were dropped on Emden.

ORB. 3/4/1941. 11 aircraft, (took off between 18.26 hours and 19.59 hours)
6 from 'A' Flight, and 5 from 'B' Flight) were detailed to attack Target C.C. 49 and XZ3D.
7 aircraft were able to locate target, and bombs were dropped across and slightly of target.
One large explosion was observed by,
A/C. D.R.3237. (Captain F/L. CLYDE-SMITH) and
A/C. E.T.2560. (Captain Sgt. PALMER) observed 5 bursts straddling the target, and was later attacked by an enemy aircraft,
Rear Gunner fired 20 rounds at enemy but no claim was made. but no result was obtained by either side.
A/C. H.R.1470. (Captain Sgt. THOMPSON) was attacked and shot down by an enemy aircraft over KINGS LYNN
while returning to Base. Sgt. RUSSELL the rear Gunner was the only survivor.
Attacked and shot down over the WASH by an enemy aircraft at 0025. hours.
4 A/C. returned to Base with all bombs being unable to locate target.

All aircraft with exception of H.R.1470. had returned to Base by 0126. hours.

Source: 115 Squadron Roll of Honour by D. Bruce, W. R. Chorley, J. G. J. de Haan - The Wellington Bomber by Martin W Bowman - No Place for Chivalry by Alastair Goodrum

Thompson Constantinos Marios Thompson Constantinos Marios Thompson Constantinos Marios - Pilot

Sgt - Service No 967101

Age: 26


Son of Demosthenes and Helene Tchaoussoglou (née Kevendjogl), of Fallowfield, Manchester.
Husband of Eileen May Thompson.

Manchester Southern Cemetery - Sec. E. Nonconformist. Grave 1535

Source: CWGC. - poto Find a Grave by Bob the greenacre cat.

Chard Humphrey YuleChard Humphrey Yule Chard Humphrey Yule - 2nd Pilot

Sgt - Service No 904176

Age: 21 - ° 1919 in Chelsea.


Son of Lt.-Col. William Wheaton Chard and Emily Maud Chard, of Brighton, Sussex.

Marham Churchyard, Holy Trinity - Grave 62

He previously attended Yardley Court School and Eastbourne College.

Source: CWGC - Photo via Tonbridge history.org - Find a Grave by Richard Gray.

Wellington R1470Barnett Stewart Sidney Barnett Stewart Sidney - Observer

P/O - Service No 84726

Age: 22


Son of Harry and Lily Barnett of Paddington, London.

Marham Churchyard, Holy Trinity - Grave 61

Source: CWGC - Photo via Find a gave, by Richard Gray.

Wellington R1470Sherman John Stephen Christopher Sherman John Stephen Christopher - W.Op./Air Gnr.

Sgt - Service No 942020

Age: 23


Son of Edith Elizabeth Sherman. of Coxtie Green.

Bentley Common Churchyard, St. Paul - Brentwood Brentwood Borough Essex

Source: GWGC - Photo via Find a grave, by buttershap

Keetley Eric Keetley Eric

Sgt - Service No 937434

Age: 20


Son of Joseph Henry and Emily Keetley, of Trowell, Nottinghamshire.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 46

Source: CWGC - Photo of wooden plaque, Trowell St Helen

Russel Russel J. G. - rear Gnr

Sgt - Service No


Survived, badly injured and found several hours later. Died later of exposure.

Source: 115 Squadron Roll of Honour by D. Bruce, W. R. Chorley, J. G. J. de Haan