Wellington R1221 23 February 1941

Wellington Mk IC - R1221 - KO-F

T/O Marham 0251. Target Hipper Class Cruiser, Brest, France.

ORB. 23/2/41. NINE aircraft, 4 from 'A' Flight, 5 from 'B' Flight, were detailed to attack Target CC.49, (HIPPER Cruiser, BREST).
(Take off between 02.38 hours and 03.08 hours.)

A/C. P.T.2511. P/O. CLARKE, owing to engine trouble, returned to Base.
Owing to error on landing, he applied brakes and turned to starboard, but was unable to halt A/C. and crashed into some trees West of aerodrome.
Aircraft was damaged, Cat. A.C. but Crew were uninjured.

A/C. B.T.2887., S/L. VAN, experienced intense A.A. and Flak.
He attacked target at 6500', with successful results.
Upon return, owing to defect in hydraulic system, he was forced to make emergency landing, which he carried out with only slight damage to aircraft,
and no injury to any members of the Crew.

A/C. F.R.1221. Sgt. MILTON, when returning, gave out a Q.D.M. request, at 0825. hrs, 5 mns. Q.D.M. 1150°. 2nd Class.
He was instructed to proceed to FELTWELL, and he acknowledged instructions. No other signal was received.
At 0830. hrs, at EAST WINCH, aircraft crashed. The aircraft hit a tree, caught fire, and was burnt out.
All members of the Crew were killed.

Three other aircraft failed to locate their target, owing to very bad weather conditions over the target area.
The remainder saw several bursts in the vicinity of the target, but were unable to locate the exact position.
Target was well lit by flares just previous to bombing.
A/C. Q.R.1469. Sgt. BRIGHT, landed at BOSCOMBE DOWN.
A/C. G.L.7895. P/O. RALPH, landed at BOSCOMBE DOWN.
A/C. X.R.3279. Sgt. RODGERS, landed at BOSCOMBE DOWN.
A/C. T.R.1063. F/L. GILES, landed at OAKINGTON.

Sgt. BRIGHT, Captain, A/C. Q.R.1469., reported that when about 8 miles N. of MORLAIX, (FRENCH Coast),
his rear gunner, P/O. MILLS, observed M.E.110. flying about 500' below Red quarter and astern.
Rear gunner opened fire, 300 rnds., from each gun into the pilot's cockpit. E/A. dipped port wing, and turned to port.
P/O. MILLS asked the Captain to turn quickly to Green side and a stall turn and dive brought his guns to bear again on the enemy's tail unit,
which, after 200 rnds., from each gun, was seen to lose the port fin tail and rudder.
E/A. disappeared through the clouds, in a dive, at about 4000 feet.

All remaining aircraft returned to Base after Operations.

29 Wellingtons were despatched to bomb warships, but only eleven aircraft bombed and four aircraft crashed in England on return.
115 Squadron contributed nine Wellingtons, P/O Clarke returned early with a technical problem but on landing he swung to
starboard to avoid some buildings and ended up in trees to the west of the airfield. None of the crew was injured and the aircraft was repaired.

At 0825 hours Sgt Milton piloting "F" for Freddie called for a bearing and this was acknowledged and orders giving to
divert to Feldwell but nothing more was heard.
Crashed 0830 and burst into flames after flying into a tree at East Winch, 5 miles SE of King's Lynn, Norfolk.
The crew were in w/t contact with Marham until moments before the crash.

Source: 115 Squadron Roll of Honour by D. Bruce, W. R. Chorley, J. G. J. de Haan - The Wellington Bomber by Martin W Bowman.

Wellington R1221Milton Edwin Joseph Milton Edwin Joseph - Pilot

Sgt - Service No 742851

Age: 23


Son of Joseph and Mary Elisabeth Townsend Milton, of Brixham.

Brixham Churchyard, St. Mary, Devon- Grave 60.

Source: CWGC - Photo via Find a grave by Fulhamrocks.

Wellington R1221Thomas David William Montague Thomas David William Montague - 2nd Pilot

Sgt - Service No 903395



Son of

Marham Churchyard, Holy Trinity - Grave 60.

Source: CWGC - Photo via Find a grave by Richard Gray.

Wellington R1221Eades John Henry Eades John Henry (Jack) - Observer

Sgt - Service No 754504

Age: 20


Son of Herbert and Amy Jane Eades. of Salisbury.

Marham Churchyard, Holy Trinity - Grave 59

Source: CWGC - Photo via Find a grave by Richard Gray.

Kennard KennethKennard Kenneth Kennard Kenneth - W.Op./Air Gn.

Sgt - Service No 942317

Age: 28


Son of Charles and Lilian Kathleen Kennard, grandson of Mrs. K. F. Monk,
of Leicester. Husband of Edna Joyce Kennard, of Leicester; .

Leicester Cemetery, Belgrave - Sec. C. Grave 699.

Source: GWGC - Find a grave by Kevvy.

Wellington R1221Simmonds Thomas Herbert Melvin Simmonds Thomas Herbert Melvin - W.Op.

Sgt - Service No 553454

Age: 18


Son of Tom +1953 and Ada +1980 Simmonds, of Hasland.

Hasland Cemetery - Sec. F. Grave 260

Source: CWGC - Photo via Find a grave by Janice Dennis.

Gray Ronald HenryGray Ronald Henry Gray Ronald Henry "Ron" - Air Gnr.

Sgt - Service No 902902

Age: 24


Son of Henry Stephen °1880 - +1962 and Alma Anna °1889 - + 1986 Gray, of Ilfracombe.
One sister Dora Louise Gray, ° 1914 - + 2000

Berrynarbor Churchyard, St. Pieter - North of Church

Source: CWGC - photo Find a Grave by Janice Dennis.