Wellington P9297 21/22 May 1940

Wellington Mk IC - P9297 KO-F

T/o Marham 21u.15 - target, enemy positions in the Dinant - Meuse bulge (Belgium).
Force landed near Poix, all crew made POW.

ORB. 21/5/40. Road Targets.

22.00. Two aircraft (Wellington Ic P.R.3155) F/O. WOOD and F/O. LASLETT took of,
and four aircraft from 38 Squadron, twenty two from MILDENHALL, and twenty from FELTWELL,
attacked bridges at DINANT and NAMUR and railway centre at AACHEN.
F/O. WOOD obtained hits near entrance to a bridge at DINANT but haze made attack difficult.
F/O. LASLETT failed to returns.

Source: 115 Squadron Roll of Honour by D. Bruce, W. R. Chorley, J. G. J. de Haan.

21/22 May - A force of 124 aircraft (52 Whitleys, 47 Wellingtons, 25 Hampdens) attack German railway lines.
3 Wellingtons, 1 Hampden and 1 Whitley lost.
The Hampden was piloted by a Flight Lieutenant Coton.
After being hit by flak over Germany, Coton ordered his crew to bale out.
Remarkably, he was able to fly the aircraft back to England, but was shot at (and hit) again by an over-eager anti-aircraft
battery on the Essex coast.
The pilot safely baled out before the aircraft finally crashed.

Source: Campaign Diary The Battle of France (May-June 1940) - National Archives.

Laslett D Laslett D. F.

F/O - Service No 37973



POW - No 511 Luft 3

Dodgshun G Dodgshun Geoffrey T.

P/O - Service No 40466



POW - No 508 Luft 3

Flower W Flower W. L.

Sgt - Service No 581174

Age :


POW - No 13082 Luft 6 - not stated - with crewman Glendinning (1269)

Glendinning Glendinning H. D.

AC1 - Service No 552111



POW - No 13038 Luft 6 - captured with crewman Flower

Ludlam L Ludlam L. W.

AC1 - Service No 552551



POW - No 13117 Stalag 357

Whilton J Whilton J.

P/O - Service No