Wellington P9284 11/12 April 1940

Wellington Mk IC - P9284 - KO-J

T/O Kinloss 1800. Target Stavanger Aerodrome. Shot down in the target area by flak.
First intentional raid by Bomber Commmand on a European mainland target.

Recce flights in the first week of April showed that the Germans were massing an invasion fleet - possibly bound for Norway. This proved to be correct as they invaded at dawn on the 9th. Denmark was also occupied within hours.

Bomber Command was ordered to halt the German advance through southern Norway, but with round trips of over 1,000 miles entirely over sea, support for ground forces (who landed in the north at Narvik) was very non-existent.

On the 12th, 6 Hampdens and 3 Wellingtons were lost during an attack on Stavangar, this proving to be the end of daylight raids for these aircraft.

During the night of 13/14th April, Hampdens carried out the first minelaying ('Gardening') sorties of the war and these operations were carried out almost nightly for many months.

Bomber Command paid particular attention to the airfields in its reach, notably those at Stavangar, Trondheim and Oslo in an effort to deny their use by the Luftwaffe. These appear to have had little success as by the end of the month photos showed over 150 German aircraft at Stavangar alone.

The night of 25/26th April saw the probable loss of the first Bomber Command aircraft to a German fighter when a Hampden of No 49 Squadron was engaged near Sylt.

Source: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ - Bomber Command diary

Barber Frederick Edward Barber Frederick Edward - Pilot

P/O - Serv. No 36223

Age: 26


Son of Arthur Thomas Barber and Priscilla Thurza Barber.

Stavanger Churchyard - Eiganes - Z. 42.

Source: CWGC - Photo via Find a grave, by Ernest

Rankin David Alexander Rankin David Alexander - Pilot

P/O - Serv. No 36180

Age: 25


Son of David and Alice Ann Rankin, of Wellington City, New Zealand.

Stavanger Churchyard - Eiganes - Z. 43.

Source GWGC - Photo via Find a grave, by Lorna Cluff

Pearce Alan Sydney Pearce Alan Sydney - Observer

Sgt - Serv. No 580805

Age : 20


Son of Sydney Augustus and Florence Winslade Pearce, of Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

Stavanger Churchyard - Eiganes - Z. 45.

Source GWGC - Photo via Find a grave, by Lorna Cluff

Juby Geoffrey William James Juby Geoffrey William James

Sgt - Serv. No 514904

Age: 28


Son of William Mark and Maud Juby.
Husband of Hilda Gladys Juby

Stavanger Churchyard - Eiganes - Z. 40.

Source GWGC - Photo via Find a grave, by GraveRobber

Westcott Lionel Allen Westcott Lionel Allen

Leading Aircraftman - Serv. No 545537

Age: 21


Son of Leonard Edgar and Elsie Westcott, of Pershore, Worcestershire.

Stavanger Churchyard - Eiganes - Z. 44.

Source GWGC - Photo via Find a grave, by GraveRobber

Bull Peter Edward Tucker Bull Peter Edward Tucker - Air Gnr.

P/O - Serv. No 76004

Age: 26


Son of Walter William and Edith Bull. of Potters Bar, Middlesex.

Stavanger Churchyard - Eiganes - Z. 41.

Source GWGC - Photo via Find a grave, by Ernest