Wellington N3016 15/16 May 1940

Wellington Mk IC - P9229 - KO-S

T/O Marham - 2335. Target oil refineries, Duisburg, Germany.

ORB. Marham 15/5/40. 2055. Oil Targets.
Eight aircraft, S/L. MARWOOD-ELTON, F/O. WELLS, F/L. NEWMAN's section, and F/L. PRINGLE's section,
10 from 38 Squadron, 9 from FELDWELL, and 6 from HONINGTON, attacked oil factories near DUISBERG.
(opr. Instr. No.31, App. C.32. Form B135, App C.31.)

0145. First aircraft returned. Last returned at 0530.

F/S. PRINGLE took off at first at 2055 in O. P.9299. but returned with engine trouble,
he left A.C. BUTLER who was sick and took off again in S. P.9229.

Blown off course by high wind and crashed in high ground between Bernay and Rouen, France.
All crew were killed except Cpl. FALLOWS who dies later.
First RAF casualties of the strategic bombing war.

39 Wellingtons, 36 Hampdens and 24 Whitleys (99 aircraft in total) despatched to 16 targets in the vital Ruhr industrial area of Germany.
81 aircraft report bombing their primary or secondary objectives.
1 Wellington lost.

6 Wellingtons and 6 Whitleys also raided targets in Belgium without loss.

These are the first Bomber Command raids to the east of the Rhine and mark the beginning of Bomber Command's Strategic Offensive.

Source: webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk, Bomber Command Campaign Diary 1940

Pringle Alec EdwardPringle Alec Edward Pringle Alec Edward - Pilot

F/L - Service No 37299 - DFC

Age: 26 - °22 July 1913


Son of Alex Pringle.

Bernay Communal Cemetery (St. Croix) - Row 2. Grave 8.

Source: GWGC - Photo via Find a grave, by wallaby33 - more info on Jacksdale & Westwood Heritage

Evans Herbert PrestylEvans Herbert Prestyl Evans Herbert Prestyl - Pilot

F/O - Service No 40377



Bernay Communal Cemetery (Ste Croix) - Row 2. Grave 9.

Source: GWGC - Photo via commonwealth-war-graves-bernay.damito.co.uk

Kirkham Thomas Russell Kirkham Thomas Russell Kirkham Thomas Russell - Observer/Nav.

Sgt - Service No 580599

Age: 21


Son of Thomas and Jane T. E. Kirkham, of East Preston, Sussex.

Bernay Communal Cemetery (Ste Croix) - Row 2. Grave 10.

Source: GWGC - Photo via Canadian Virtual War Memorial - commonwealth-war-graves-bernay

Pilgrim Roger Colin John Pilgrim Roger Colin John Pilgrim Roger Colin John - Wireless Operator/Air Gnr.

Cpl - Service No 531692

Age: 26


Son of John George and Elizabeth Matilda Pilgrim, of Bacton, Norfolk.

Bernay Communal Cemetery (Ste Croix) - Row 2. Grave 7.

Source: GWGC - Photo via Kurtis Gale, thanks - Find a grave

Fallows Reginald FrederickFallows Reginald Frederick Fallows Reginald Frederick - Air Gnr.

Cpl - Service No 518379



Son of

Bernay Communal Cemetery (Ste Croix) - Row 2. Grave 11.

Source: GWGC - Photo via commonwealth-war-graves-bernay