Wellington N2987 19 March 1940

Wellington Mk IA - N2987 - KO-O

T/O Marham 11u.00 - Ferry flight to Vickers Weybridge.
While flying in turbulences, aircraft went out of control and crashed in an open field located near Wyton, Huntingdonshire.
Three crew were killed and three others seriously injured.
Three weeks later, on 14 APR 1940, one of the survivor died of his severe injuries.
Crew was flying to Weybridge so the aircraft could follow a modification program by Vickers Armstrong facilities.

ORB. 19/3/40.
Casualties. 1100.
F/O. STATHAM had an engine cut near HUNTINGDON and he crashed in making a forced landing.
F/O. FANSHAWE, 2nd pilot A.G. ROSE Air gunner and A.C. LYNCH, maintenance crew were killed.
F/O. STATHAM and Sgt. SINCLAIR and A.G. CARTER seriously injured. Number of aircraft O.N.2987.

Wellington N2987Lynch Desmond Hugh Lynch Desmond Hugh - groundcrew

Aircraftman 1st Class - Service No 644738

Age: 20


*Desmond was born 12 November 1919 son of Michael and Amelia nee Colegate of 39 Hunters Road Croydon.
After leaving Selhurst he joined the LPTB.
He served in the TA (4 Queens) and then volunteered for the RAF in May 1939 and joined 115 Squadron.
Desmond was Killed in a plane crash near Ely on 20 March 1940.
He was brought back to Croydon and was buried in the family grave in Mitcham Road cemetery.

Croydon Cemetery - Mitcham Road - Plot R.R. Grave 35056
Source: CWGC - *theoldcroydonians.org - Photo via Find a grave, by JS

Wellington N2987 Rose George Thomas - AG

Aircraftman 2nd Class - Service No 630965



Son of George and May Louise Rose, of Deal.

Deal Cemetery Hamilton Road - Plot C. Block 8. Grave 4718

Source GWGC - Photo via Find a grave, by Len

Fanshawe Basil Verney Fanshawe Basil Verney - 2nd Pilot

F/O - Service No 39311

Age : 28


Son of the Revd. Canon Gerald Charles Fanshawe and Morforwyn Fanshawe, of Chelsea, London. M.A.

Winchester Cemetery - Magdalen Hill, Hampshire - Row E. 3. Grave 42. (St. Morris Plot).

Source GWGC.

Statham B Statham B. - Pilot

F/O - Service No 552111



Additional information: injured

Sinclair Sinclair -

Sgt - Service No



Additional information: injured

Wellington N2987Carter George Walter Dennis Carter George Walter Dennis

Leading Aircraftsman

Service No 568628

Age: 20 - died on 14 April 1940 of his injuries.


Son of George Robert and May Carter, of Twickenham, Middlesex.

Marham Churchyard - Holy Trinity - grave 45.

Source GWGC - Photo via Find a grave, by Richard Gray