Wellington N2950 23 March 1940

Wellington Mk IA - N2950 - KO-J

Training flight, crashed 2010. Burnt out at Marham folowing emergency landing with failing engines. The five crew members were slightly injured.

T/O 2000. - F/S. POWELL took off. A cylinder blew off just after setting course and he crashed on forced landing just about of the aerodrome. Only superficial injuries were substained by the crew. Aircraft burnt out.


Shortly after take off, while climbing, pilot informed ATC about engine problems and tried to make an emergency landing. Aircraft stalled and crashed in flames in a field. All five crew injured.

Source: http://www.baaa-acro.com/

Powell G Powell G. A. - F/S

Aircraftman 1st Class - Service No 644738

Powell G