24/25 April 1944

Lancaster Mk II - DS734 KO-Y

T/O Witchford 2151 - Target Karlsruhe, Germany. Shot down by night fighter Oberleutnant Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer of the IV./NJG 1. Crashed Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium.

Also lost on this mission: Lancaster Mk I: HK542 KO-J, 7 KIA

Karlsruhe: 637 aircraft - 369 Lancasters, 259 Halifaxes, 9 Mosquitos - of all groups except No 5 Group.

Cloud over the target and a strong wind which pushed the Pathfinders too far north spoiled this attack. Only the northern part of Karlsruhe was seriously damaged and most of the bombs fell outside the city.

Mannheim, 30 miles to the north, recorded a raid by approximately 100 aircraft on this night and Darmstadt, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg were also hit by aircraft which failed to find the main target.

19 aircraft - 11 Lancasters, 8 Halifaxes - lost, 3.0 per cent of the force.

Source: nationalarchives.gov.uk - Bomber Command - Campaign Diary April 1944.

Service record of DS734

Cagienard Robert Roland Cagienard Robert Roland - Pilot

P/O - Service No 174879

Age: 24 - °19 Oktober 1920


Son of Alexander and Edith Ida Cagienard, of Ilford, Essex.

Schoonselhof Cemetery Antwerp - grave 4a.D.20

Source: CWGC - Photo via Family Cagienard Photo's and letters Family Cagienard.

Kelly Charles Philip Kelly Charles Philip - FE

Sgt - Service No  2204866

Age: 20 - °1923/1924


Son of Charles and Margaret Kelly, of Cregagh, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
One brother Tom +Canada.

Schoonselhof Cemetery Antwerp - grave 4a.D.37

Source: CWGC - Photo via Family McCluskey. Photo's and letters

Foster Frederick Albert Foster - Frederick Albert - Nav

F/S - Service No 1321968

Age: 20 - °10 June 1923


Son of Albert Ernest and Annie Dorothy Foster, of Thornton Heath, Surrey.

Schoonselhof Cemetery Antwerp - grave 4a.D.36

Source: CWGC - Photo via Family Foster

Shorten William Shorten William - WOP

Sgt - Service No 1508293

Age: 26 - °25 October 1917


Son of Husband of Edith Enderby, Bradford district x1q 1940
One daugther Jean °4q 1940, Bradford, Yorkshire
One son David, °2q 1942, Bradford, Yorkshire

Schoonselhof Cemetery Antwerp - grave 4a.D.20

Source: CWGC - Photo's and letters Family Shorten and Wim Govaerts.

MacLeod Joseph Murdoch MacLeod Joseph Murdoch - BA

P/O- Service No J92030

Age: 23 - °21 July 1921


Son of John George and Emma Justine MacLeod, of Capreol, Ontario, Canada.

Schoonselhof Cemetery Antwerp - grave 4a.D.8

Source: CWGC - Photo's and info via Audrey MacLeod and Gary Biesinger

King Frank Desmond King Frank Desmond - MUG

Sgt - Service No 1892896

Age: 19 - °22 December 1924


Son of Frederick and Edith King

Schoonselhof Cemetery Antwerp - grave 4a.D.20

Source: CWGC - Photo's and letter via Ronald King

Letcher Albert Clayton Letcher Albert Clayton - RG

P/O - Service No J92031

Age: 21 (His actual age was 18, °03 July 1925. To join the RCAF he changed his birth date to 03 July 1922).


Son of George Letcher and Jessie Burrows

Schoonselhof Cemetery Antwerp - grave 4a.D.21 - Photo via Family Letcher