Lancaster DS609
Lancaster DS609 115 Squadron

26/27 April 1943

Lancaster Mk II - DS609 KO-M

Lancaster DS609
T/O East Wretham 0108 - Target Duisburg, Germany. Crashed at Oberhausen.

Source: 115 Squadron Roll of Honour by D. Bruce, W. R. Chorley, J. G. J. de Haan.

561 aircraft - 215 Lancasters, 135 Wellingtons, 119 Halifaxes, 78 Stirlings, 14 Mosquitos.

This heavy raid was a partial failure. The Pathfinders claimed to have marked the target accurately but daylight reconnaissance showed that most of the bombing had fallen to the north-east of Duisburg; the Main Force may have bombed too early or they may have been lured by early fires short of the target.
However, Duisburg had more than 300 buildings destroyed and a death roll of between 130 and 207 (reports vary).
4 of the Mosquitos taking part in this raid were from No 2 Group; they bombed Duisburg 3 hours after the main raid, then dived hard and flew back to England at low level. Bombs hit 6 other towns in the Ruhr.

17 aircraft - 7 Halifaxes, 5 Wellingtons, 3 Lancasters, 2 Stirlings - lost, 3.0 per cent of the force.

Source: - Bomber Command - Campaign Diary April 1943.

Minnes Harvey B Minnes Harvey B - Pilot

P/O - Service No J16658 - DFC.



Son of Artie Rutherford Minnis and Dorcas Lyola Minnis, of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - grave 9.D.12.

Source: CWGC - photo Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Webster Leigh Gordon Webster Leigh Gordon - FE

Sgt - Service No 523101

Age: 26


Son of Percy Leigh Webster, and of Constance Clara Webster, of Liverpool.

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - grave 9.D.14.

Source: CWGC.

Snook William Charles Snook William Charles - Nav

Sgt - Service No 655955

Age: 25


Son of William Charles and Ellan Louisa Snook.
Husband of Joy Lillian Snook, of Hollingbury, Brighton, Sussex.

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - grave 9.D.18.

Source: CWGC.

Law Norman Law Norman - WOP

Sgt - Service No 1077194 - DMF

Age: 23


Son of William and Annie Isabella Law, of Gateshead, Co. Durham.

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - grave 9.B.15.

Source: CWGC.

Timms Wilfred Arthur Timms Wilfred Arthur - BA

Sgt - Service No 1220111 - DMF

Age: 27


Husband of Irene Ada Agnes Timms, of Bath, Somerset.

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - grave 9.D.15.

Source: CWGC.

Thorpe Charles Edward Thorpe Charles Edward - MUG

Sgt - Service No 1800350



Son of

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - grave 9.D.13.

Source: CWGC.

Foster Edward Austin Nixon Foster Edward Austin Nixon - RG

P/O - Service No J17091 - DFC

Age: 22


Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Foster.
Husband of Gloria Oakes (x February 1941), of Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
One son Kenneth, who he never had seen.

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - grave 9.D.11.

Source: CWGC - photo and info Canadian Virtual War Memorial -