Lancaster PD276 25 October 1944

Lancaster Mk I - PD276 KO-X

T/O Witchford 1323 - target Essen, Germany.

Source: 115 Squadron Roll of Honour by D. Bruce, W. R. Chorley, J. G. J. de Haan.

771 aircraft - 508 Lancasters, 251 Halifaxes, 12 Mosquitos - attacked Essen.

The bombing was aimed at skymarkers, because the target area was covered by cloud.
The Bomber Command report states that the attack became scattered, but the local Essen
report shows that more buildings were destroyed - 1,163 - than in the heavier night attack
which had taken place 36 hours previously.
A photographic reconnaissance flight which took place after this raid showed severe
damage to the remaining industrial concerns in Essen, particularly to the Krupps steelworks.
Some of the war industry had already moved to small, dispersed factories but the coal mines and
steelworks of the Ruhr were still important.
The Krupps steelworks were particularly hard-hit by the two raids and there are references in the
firm's archives to the 'almost complete breakdown of the electrical supply network' and to 'a complete paralysis'.
The Borbeck pig-iron plant ceased work completely and there is no record of any further production
from this important section of Krupps.

Much of Essen's surviving industrial capacity was now dispersed and the city lost its role as one of
Germany's most important centres of war production.

2 Halifaxes and 2 Lancasters lost.

Source: - Bomber Command - Campaign Diary October 1944.

ORB. 25th Oct., 1944.
20 aircraft (10 from "A" Flt., & 10 from "B" Flt.)
were detailed to attack ESSEN and took off between 13.05 and 13.30 hours.
1 aircraft (X.PD.276 - Captain F/O. P. A. STUART) failed to return from Operations -
no news being received.
The remainder identified the target by P.F. flares and visually and bombed red flares or
green indicator markers from heights ranging between 18,500 feet and 22,000 feet.
It was impossible to assess results of attack due to 10/10 cloud but bombing appeared
to be well concentrated and several huge explosions were seen. Photographs were attempted.

17.26. 19 aircraft had returned safely to Base after Operations.

John Jones sent following information, Thanks.

A Missing Research & Investigation team later reported
"The aircraft crashed in a field near a convent called Haus Schur,
and the wreckage was not discovered by the nuns until the next morning." (Flak?)

The crew were initially buried in New Civil Cemetery Mulheim
Fg Off Wilson - Grave 139
Flt Sgt Birch - Grave 140
Fg Off Langton - Grave 78
Sgt Spiden - Grave 77
Fg Off Stuart - Grave 76
Sgt Mason & Sgt Templeman - Joint Grave 75
Reinterred 1 August 1947

Regards John Jones

lancaster PD276Stuart Paul Alfred Stuart Paul Alfred - Pilot

F/O - Service No 418309

Age: 20


Son of Leslie Kemnitz Stuart and Daphne May Stuart,
of West Pymble, New South Wales, Australia.

Reichswald Forest war Cemetery - grave 26. G. 6.

Source: CWGC - Photo via - Find a Grave.

lancaster PD276Spiden David Christie Spiden David Christie - FE

Sgt - Service No 950495

Age: 27


Son of John Tunnah Spiden and Mary Spiden,
of Duns, Berwickshire.

Reichswald Forest war Cemetery - grave 26. G. 5.

Source: CWGC - Photo via - Find a Grave.

lancaster PD276Langton Edwin Kay Lovell Langton Edwin Kay Lovell "John" - Nav

F/O - Service No 426462

Age: 28 - °‎15 March 1916, East Toowoomba, Queensland.


Son of Reginald Sydney Langton
(left his wife and family around 1924) and Lilla Glennie Tidswell.
Husband of Barbara

Reichswald Forest war Cemetery - grave 26. G. 4.

Source: CWGC - Photo via - more info Lost Langtons - Find a Grave.

lancaster PD276Birch Eric Eyles Birch Eric Eyles - WOP

F/S - Service No 429445

Age: 20


Son of Reginald Sidney and Lilla Glennie Langton.
Husband of Barbara Gibson Langton,
of Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia.

Reichswald Forest war Cemetery - grave 26. G-03

Source: CWGC - Photo via - Find a Grave.

Wilson Victor Henry Wilson Victor Henry - BA

F/O - Service No J37822

Age: 30


Son of Henry Stowe Wilson and Agnus Wilson,
of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Husband of Myrtle Kathleen Faux, of Toronto.

Reichswald Forest war Cemetery - grave 26. G. 2.

Source: CWGC - photos and more info on Canadian Virtual War Memorial - Find a Grave.

lancaster PD276Mason John Frederick Mason John Frederick - MUG

Sgt - Service No 1881521



Son of

Reichswald Forest war Cemetery - joint grave 26. G. 7-8.

Source: CWGC - Photo via - Find a Grave.

lancaster PD276Templeman William Jack Edward Templeman William Jack Edward - RG

Sgt - Service No 1811207

Age: 27


Son of joint grave 26. G. 7-8.

Reichswald Forest war Cemetery - grave

Source: CWGC - Photo via - Find a Grave.