Lancaster HK 560 25/26 August 1944

Lancaster Mk I - PD274 KO-Y

T/O Witchford 2028 - target Russelheim, Germany.

Leaving the target area at 19,550 feet, collided with another Lancaster (KB775 from 419 Squadron) losing both port engines.

With their aircraft out of control, the crew baled out at 6,500 feet, S of Koblenz. F/O. Vinish RCAF
sustained a broken leg and spent most, if not all of his captivity at Mulhausen.


412 Lancasters of Nos 1, 3, 6 and 8 Groups attacked the Opel motor factory at Rüsselsreim.
15 Lancasters were lost, 3.6 per cent of the force.

The Pathfinder marking was accurate and the raid was successfully completed in 10 minutes.

An official German report. says that the forge and the gearbox assembly departments were put out of action for several weeks,
but 90 per cent of the machine tools in other departments escaped damage.
The assembly line and part of the pressworks were able to recommence work 2 days later and lorry assembly was unaffected because
of considerable stocks of ready-made parts.

Source: - Bomber Command - Campaign Diary August 1944.

ORB. 25th Aug., 1944.
27 aircraft were detailed to attack RUSSELHEIM but three were cancelled.
The remainder took off between 20.23 hours and 20.50 hours.
One aircraft Y.PB.274 (Captain F/L. A. C. ALLDRIDGE) failed to return from Operations - no news being received.
23 aircraft identified the target by means of red & green indicator markers on which they bombed from heights ranging
between 8,000 feet and 19,000 feet.
A big orange coloured explosion, which lit up the sky, was seen at 0100 hours.
There was a fine concentration of fires with much smoke. Photographs were attempted.
One aircraft (F.HK.555 Captain F/O. D. G. BURGESS) sustained damage to Mid Upper turret by Flak.
Another aircraft's (HK.544 Captain F/O. N. BERKELEY) starboard engine seized up due to glycol leak and on return landed
at ODIHAM through lack of petrol.
Owing to bad weather conditions at Base, all the aircraft were diverted to other stations.

06.10. 23 aircraft had landed after Operations (at different stations)

Lancaster PD274 Alldridge Albert Charles - Pilot

F/L. - Service No J27724

Age: - °21 Dec 1921 +18 Dec 2007 Nova Scotia, Canada -

RCAF - POW. *Was interned in Camp L3. PoW No.7725.

Son of

Obituary Ottawa Citizen

Source: *

Lancaster PD274 Bell L. - FE

Sgt - Service No

Age: POW.

*Was interned in Camp L7. PoW No.693.

Son of

Source: *

Lancaster PD274 Vinish Henry A. - Nav

F/O - Service No J29843


RCAF - POW. *After some months in Hospital in Camp 9C, PoW No.52644.

Son of

Source: *

Lancaster PD274 Agnew W. - WOP/Air

Sgt - Service No


POW. *Was interned in Camp L7. PoW No.689

Son of

Source: *

Lancaster PD274 Epstein A. I. - Air Bomber

F/O - Service No J29386


RCAF - POW *No.7730.

Son of

Source: *

Lancaster PD274 Kydd G. - MUG

F/S. - Service No J220333


RCAF - POW. *Was interned in Camp L7. PoW No.711

Son of

Source: *

Ames Reginald Leslie Ames Reginald Leslie - RG

Sgt - Service No 1805664*

Age: °1924 - +29 Oct 1946.

POW - Stalag Luft 7 Prisoner 690.

Son of Reginald G. Ames and Lilian Ames, of Stroud Green, Middlesex.

Photo: Find a grave by Len.


I am currently researching my family history.
My relative Reginald Leslie Ames served in this squadron during the war and was on a
mission that crashed and he was taken prisoner of war. He was imprisoned in Stalag Luft 7.

The flight took off from Witchford on 25 Aug 1944 at 20.28 headed for Russelsheim.
It collided with another Lancaster aircraft and lost both port engines.
The crew bailed out at 6,500 feet.

Ames Reginald LeslieHe was taken prisoner. He was liberated I believe the following May 1945.
On his return to England he became a Volunteer reserve despatch rider for the RAF but sadly
died in a motorcycle accident 29 Oct 1946 aged 22 years.
He is buried in Cambridge City Cemetery.

That is about as much as I know, if you could offer any
more information about his military career etc I would be most grateful.

His details are:
Sergeant Reginald Leslie Ames Rear Gunner
b. 1924 - d. 29 Oct 1946
Unit 115, AC Serial PD274, Service Number 1805664
Imprisoned in Stalag Luft 7 Prisoner 690

kind regards
Vivien McKeown.

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