Lancaster HK 560 26/27 August 1944

Lancaster Mk I - HK560 A4-K

T/O Witchford 2012 - target Kiel, Germany. Lost without trace.

Also lost on this mission: Lancaster Mk I HK556 A4-F,   7 KIA
Also lost on this mission: Lancaster Mk I LM127 KO-H, 7 KIA

Source: 115 Squadron Roll of Honour by D. Bruce, W. R. Chorley, J. G. J. de Haan.

372 Lancasters and 10 Mosquitos of Nos 1, 3 and 8 Groups despatched to Kiel.

The Pathfinder marking was hampered by smoke-screens but the local report tells of a very serious raid with heavy bombing in the town centre and surrounding districts and widespread fires fanned by a strong wind. The Rathaus was completely burnt out and many other public buildings were destroyed or seriously damaged.

17 Lancasters lost, 4.6 per cent of the Lancaster force.

Source: - Bomber Command - Campaign Diary August 1944.

Braun Howard Charles Braun Howard Charles - Pilot

P/O - Service No J88272



Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Braun, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. One sister Katharine.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 249

Source: CWGC - photo Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Leighton Peter James Leighton Peter James - FE

Sgt - Service No 1819797

Age: 20


Son of Peter James Leighton and Alice Adelaide Leighton, of Pasadena, California, U.S.A.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 233

Source: CWGC.

Morton Frank Ernest Morton Frank Ernest - Nav

P/O - Service No J92620



Son of Frank Reginald and Elizabeth Morton, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 252

Source: CWGC - photo Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Seviour Albert Seviour Albert - WOP

Sgt - Service No 1585006

Age: 26


Son of Frederick and Florence Seviour, of Dilton, Wiltshire.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 237

Source: CWGC.

Newnam Leonard Edward Newnam Leonard Edward - BA

F/S - Service No 1318514

Age: 23


Son of Horace Caselton Newnam and May Greenfield Newnam, of Hendon, Middlesex.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 221

Source: CWGC.

Langrill William Arthur Langrill William Arthur - MUG

P/O - Service No J90933

Age: 22

RCAF - USA Los Angeles, Ca.

Son of Richard G. and Nellie May Langrill.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 251

Source: CWGC.

Bradford James Gibson Bradford James Gibson - RG

Sgt - Service No 1897114

Age: 20


Son of James Gibson Bradford and Jane Cant Robertson Bradford, of Liff, Angus.

Runnymede Memorial - panel 225

Source: CWGC.