24/25 April 1944

Lancaster Mk I - HK542 KO-J

T/O Witchford 2205 - Target Karlsruhe, Germany. Shot down by night fighter Oberleutnant Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer of the IV./NJG 1. Crashed at Alken, 9 km N.E. of Sint-Truiden, Belgium.

Also lost on this mission: Lancaster Mk II: DS734 KO-Y, 7 KIA

Karlsruhe: 637 aircraft - 369 Lancasters, 259 Halifaxes, 9 Mosquitos - of all groups except No 5 Group.

Cloud over the target and a strong wind which pushed the Pathfinders too far north spoiled this attack. Only the northern part of Karlsruhe was seriously damaged and most of the bombs fell outside the city.

Mannheim, 30 miles to the north, recorded a raid by approximately 100 aircraft on this night and Darmstadt, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg were also hit by aircraft which failed to find the main target.

19 aircraft - 11 Lancasters, 8 Halifaxes - lost, 3.0 per cent of the force.

Source: nationalarchives.gov.uk - Bomber Command - Campaign Diary April 1944. The page of the crew on Aircrew Remembered.

Bennett Peter Anthony Bennett Peter Anthony - Pilot

F/S - Service No 1601570

Age: 20


Son of Cecil H. (+ 12 July 1950 Marcham (All Saints) churchyard photo) and Evelyn G. Bennett, of Frilford, Berkshire.

Heverlee War Cemetery - grave 5.E.14

Source: CWGC - photo via Sally Fodder

Plummer John Frederick Plummer John Frederick - FE

Sgt - Service No 1606785

Age: 19


Son of George Percival and Florence Hilda Plummer, of Ashley Down, Bristol.
Three brothers, Kenneth, Dennis and Gerald.

Heverlee War Cemetery - grave 5.E.13

Kenneth George Plummer   Kenneth George, °1923 - Sgt RAFVR Service No 1338940, served in 434 Squadron
   went MIA on 23 November 1943 during a mission on Berlin.
   He is remembered on Runnymede panel 161.
   Crew photo see Tedford Crew 58 (1 mission Nov 1943)

   Source: CWGC - photos via his brother Gerald Charles Plummer.

Hoffman Adolf David Leon Hoffman Adolf David Leon - Nav

F/O - Service No 426598

Age: 21 °24 November 1922, Melbourne


Son of Charles Solomon and Hinda Sadie Hoffman, of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
One older brother and one sister. In 1945 another child was born and named after him.

Heverlee War Cemetery - grave 5.E.9

Source: CWGC - photo and info Australian War Memorial

Forth Norman Louis Forth Norman Louis - WOP

Sgt - Service No 1510806 - *photo taken on 9 July 1943.

Age: 22 - *°14 September 1921.


Son of Arthur Victor and Nellie Forth.
Husband of Ethel Blackburn (*remarried 1947) , of Layton, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Heverlee War Cemetery - grave 5.E.15

Source: CWGC - photo and *info via Bart Smets, With permission of the family.

Zegarchuk James Eugene - BA

P/O - Service No J89947

Age: 22


Son of Julia Zegarchuk, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
He had two brothers, Olly, born in Poland and Myron.

Heverlee War Cemetery - grave 5.E.10

Source: CWGC - Photo via Wim Govaerts - More info

Holt Alan Holt Alan - MUG

Sgt - Service No 2209128

Age: 20


Son of Stanley and Muriel A. Holt, of Heaton Moor, Stockport, Cheshire.

Heverlee War Cemetery - grave 5.E.11

Source: CWGC - photo: special thanks to Alan White.

McKelvie William McKelvie William - RG

Sgt - Service No 1567526



Son of William and Teresa McKelvie, of Cambuslang, Lanarkshire.

Heverlee War Cemetery - grave 5.E.12

Source: CWGC - photo via Peter Clermonts.