Place. Date. Time. Summary of Events. References to
MARHAM. 1/10/39. 0830. Cloud 4,000 feet Wind N.E.
Duty Squadron Stand by from this morning.
1100. Stand down.
1245. Three machines started for low level bombing at BERNERS HEATH at intervals of about one hour.
1305. A machine took off for stick bombing with Azimuth Bracket and using vertical and LEICA camera at BERNERS HEATH.
1430. Squadron Leader GLENCROSS took off for stick bombing & c., as above.
Rain during the afternoon.
1505. A machine took off for air gunnery.
1530. Flying Officer CLARKE took Captain FLETCHER to FELTWELL and back re FRAZER NASH Turrets.
1545. Squadron Leader GLENCROSS and two other machines took off for formation flying.
Another machine departed for rearward aerodrome to take over spares required.
1745. One aircraft takes off for Air Gunnery.
1710. A machine took off for air firing at BERNERS HEATH.
1730. Two machines departed for rearward aerodrome having become serviceable.
MARHAM. 2/10/39. 0830. Fine. Some cumulus. Wind N.N.E.
1215. Squadron Leader GLENCROSS took aircraft N.2876. to Rearward Aerodrome to settle leaving arrangements.
Squadron Leader GRAHAM came over in Magister in the morning to discuss training.
Butt practice by A.A.S during the afternoon.
C.O. arranged to have gun pit made for Frazer Nash turret.
News we are having four more Wellington IA's.
1640. Flying Officer SIMPSON went up in Tutor to inspect camouflage.
1800. Aircraft arrived from rearward aerodrome. All aircraft now at MARHAM.
MARHAM. 3/10/39. 0830. Bright sunshine almost cloudless. Wind N.E.
0920. Fokker F22 arrived and took Air Gunners from No.38 Squadron for demonstration, at YATE.
0935. Magister from No.3 Group arrived.
Butt practice A.G's.
1025. Wing Commander ROWE took flight Sergeant GROVES to BIRCHAM NEWTON in Magister to fly Wellington now repaired back.
Warrant Officer PALLANT went by road to service this aircraft.
1100. Wing Commander ROWE returned.
Anson arrived lunch time with personnel to interview the Group Captain, and left at 14.20 hours.
1150. Aircraft took off for ELMDON to bring back kit.
Four aircraft took off for Air Firing and bombing at SUTTON BRIDGE and four later for high level bombing and Air Gunnery at SUTTON BRIDGE at intervals up to 1540.
1345. Soot distribution on grass by tarmac for camouflage.
1630. Magister went to rearward aerodrome and back to settle damages incurred during stay.
Magister to ELMDON and return to fetch Flying Officer LASLETT.
1720. Aircraft took off for firing air to ground.
1900. Night Flying commenced.
1/2 hour each Crew L.F.P.
Flying Officer DONALDSON carried out air firing over the sea with tracer ammunition.
Flares were dropped over the aerodrome.
4/10/39. 0830. Fine. Cloudless sky. Wind more easterly.
0915. Fokker F22 took 20 airman to YATE for demonstration on tracer bullets.
0930. Gale warning Line S. of NEWCASTLE and thunderstorms from secondary depressions in FRANCE expected in SOUTH and MIDLANDS later.
Squadron stand off in the morning after night flying practice.
Butt practice for Air Gunners.
MARHAM. 5/10/39. 0830. Dull. Strata cumulus. There has been rain earlier. Brisk south wind, some rain during the day.
1400. Pilot Officers, ATKINSON, EVANS, GERRY and STATHAM arrive and are posted to flights.
1500. Sergeants MARTIN and NICOL arrive and are posted to flights.
MARHAM. 6/10/39. 0830. Fine cloudless. Wind still south. Clouded over during morning.
Eight aircraft took off for high level bombing at BERNERS HEATH including stick bombing on battleship target.
Last machine took off at 1030. hours.
1000. Squadron Leader BOWLES took off for dive bombing.
1300. Fine again. Wind gone round to S.W.
Ten aircraft took off for air firing at BERNERS HEATH, the last at 1525. hours.
1600. Wing Commander LLOYD and Flying Officer LASLETT took off for R/T Test.
Butt practice for Air Gunners during the afternoon.
MARHAM. 7/10/39. 0830. Mist. Visibility at one time only 100 yards. Wind light and variable.
Stand by at one hours notice from 1030. hours.
0900. Lecture on leakage of information.
1030. Stand down.
1115. Lecture on loops by expert from Air Ministry
1130. Mist clearing and sun shining, but clouded over later.
MARHAM. 8/10/39. 0830. Fine. East wind.
Notice to stand by at one hours notice from 1000. hours.
0900. Twelve airman arrived and were posted to Flights.
1100. Notice to stand by at four hours notice.
1400. Lecture on leakage of information by the C.O.
1420. Notice to stand by at one hours notice.
1500. Notice to stand by to attack a GERMAN Fleet off coast of NORWAY in cooperation with No.99 Squadron.
1540. No.99 Squadron arrive over aerodrome.
1555. Squadron Leader BOWLES, Flight Lieutenant GUTHRIE, Flying Officer NEWMAN, Flying Officer PRINGLE, Flight Sergeant GROVES and Flight Sergeant BOORE took off to join No.99 Squadron. See appendix 'A'
Form B.37.
1930. The six aircraft returned not having located the GERMAN Fleet.

From 1540 hrs 8/10/1939 to 1955 hrs 8/10/1939. Up Down Remarks






S/L. BOWLES (Capt).

F/O. PRINGLE (Capt).

F/S. BOORE (Capt).

F/L. GUTHRIE (Capt).

F/O. NEWMAN (Capt).

F/S. GROVES. (Capt).
Sgt. JUBY.
Attack a German Fleet. 15.50










Each aircraft is to carry 4 - 500 lb. S.A.P. bombs.

720 gals. petrol were carried.

Form B.44. dated to be carried out, in collaboration with No. 99 Squadron who are to lead.

If function with No. 99 Squadron not effected or if it is not possible to stick to them operation not to be carried out.

MARHAM. 9/10/39. 0830. Dull cloudy. Wind S.E. Rain. Heavy rain and strong wind most of the day.
0940. Three aircraft took off in formation for WITTERING to practice fighting tactics with fighters.
1430. Two aircraft took off for fighting practice with fighters from WITTERING.
MARHAM. 10/10/39. 0830. Fine southerly wind.
1030. One aircraft took off for photography practice taking camouflage expert, landing at BASSINGBOURNE and MILDENHALL.
1100. Three aircraft took off in formation for formation and R/T practice.
Air Marshal Sir Charles BURNETT came to lunch.
1400. Flying Officer SIMPSON took up the Tutor for cooperation with the Anti-aircraft batteries.
1430. One aircraft took off for air test.
Four new Wellington IA aircraft arrived.
1530. Two aircraft took off for formation, avoiding and R/T practice landing at WITTERING.
1540. Two aircraft took off for formation and R/T. practice.
Officers from MANBY arrived for tea and for demonstration on Wellington IA.
MARHAM. 11/10/39. 0830. Fine. Ground mist. Southerly wind.
0910. Two Fairey Battles arrived for target towing.
1000. There was now very low cloud and bad flying conditions.
Two aircraft which took off for air firing at towed sleeve target at SUTTON BRIDGE had to abandon this and one landed at FELTWELL and the other at BIRCHAM NEWTON.
1025. Three aircraft took off for formation practice, avoiding action and R/T practice but had to land owing to bad flying conditions.
1300. Two aircraft took off for air firing at SUTTON BRIDGE.
Squadron Leader GRAHAM arrived at lunch time to interview navigators on the attack on the GERMAN Fleet.
1520. One aircraft took conversion sets to HARWELL.
1530. Wing Commander WEBSTER called on the C.O.
1615. Message to stand by from 0900. tomorrow at one hour notice to cooperate with No.'s 38, 99 and 149 Squadrons in a raid. Bomb up tonight.
1815. Three aircraft took off for high and low level attack on WITTERING, avoiding fighters and landing at WITTERING to discuss tactics with fighter pilots.
MARHAM. 12/10/39. 0830. Fine, mist later, minimum visibility 100 yards. Wind N.W.
Message to stand by from 1000. hours.
0850. Sergeant HAMMOND arrived for posting.
Bombing practice was cancelled as aircraft were bombed up for raid.
1230. Stand down for the rest of the day.
MARHAM. 13/10/39. 0830. Fog. Visibility 50 - 100 yards.
1500. Fog cleared to half way across aerodrome.
1600. Message to stand by at 0900. hours tomorrow at one hour's notice.
1600. We now cooperate with No.5 Group in stand by.
With this system we stand by every second and fourth day alternatively.
MARHAM. 14/10/39. 0830. Rain. Wind N.E.
Message to stand by deferred to 1100. hours. B.46
1230. Message to stand down of the day. Butt practice during the afternoon. Appendix "C"
1420. Weather clearing and sun beginning to come through the clouds.
1500. Four aircraft Wellington I's were delivered to LITTLE RISSINGTON.
1635. Flying Officer WARD carried out air test of serviced aircraft.
MARHAM. 15/10/39. 0830. Overcast. Wind N.E. Rain most of the day.
1030. Two aircraft were delivered to KEMBLE.
1045. One aircraft took off for gun sight harmonization and swinging the compass.
1330. The Station Commander gave permission for all not engaged on special jobs to stand down.
2100. Raid expected at dawn. All available crews to stand by from dawn.
MARHAM. .16/10/39. 0830. Fine - Wind Westerly.
Three aircraft were bogged and unable to carry out R/T and section drill.
1130. Three aircraft took off for section drill and three for formation.
1245. Three aircraft took off for air firing at BERNERS HEATH.
1345. Four aircraft took off for formation bombing at BERNERS HEATH. Finding wind velocity and direction by timing bead.
1400. Three aircraft took off for bombing and air firing at BERNERS HEATH.
1515. Three aircraft took off for attack on WITTERING.
MARHAM. 17/10/39. 0830. Overcast. Wind South East.
0900. Lecture on W/T.
0920. Commenced to rain.
1120. Two aircraft were delivered to KEMBLE.
MARHAM. 18/10/39. 0830. Fine. Easterly wind.
Stand by. Dental Officer must inspect flying personnel.
1200. Message that four enemy warships accompanied by aircraft are off AMELAND Coastal Command reconnaissance aircraft have gone to inspect.
Stand by to take off at 1300. hours.
1305. Two aircraft were delivered to KEMBLE.
1445. Flying Officer SIMPSON took off to swing loop, test R/T and intercom.
1600. Stand down.
MARHAM. 19/10/39. 0830. Rain. East wind.
0845. Battle arrives for drogue towing. Gale warning.
Medical officer is to give anti-tetanus injection to all personnel.
1100. Two aircraft took off for air firing at drogue at SUTTON BRIDGE.
MARHAM. 20/10/39. 0830. Low cloud. A little sun. Wind Northerly.
Message to stand by to take off before 0900. hours.
Station Commander replied an hour and a half notice required.
0930. Squadron Leader GRAHAM arrived to inspect compass, instrument and course setting bomb sight log books.
MARHAM. 21/10/39. 0830. Thin fog. Clouded over. Wind Northerly.
Avoiding tactics at WITTERING with fighters.
Aircraft were recalled as fighters were at readiness.
Exercise was to be carried out at 20,000 feet and low level.
Message of recall not received until aircraft had left the ground.
Three aircraft took part.
Hood flying was practices on the cross country flight.
MARHAM. 22/10/39. 0830. Fog early. Clearing 1030. hours. Fine. Wind N.W.
1100. Three aircraft took off to practice R/T air to ground. Results were unsatisfactory.
1500. Three aircraft took off for fighter cooperations with WITTERING at 10,000 feet and low level.
Fighters were again at readiness and no attack took place.
1300. Aircraft took off for formation practice.
MARHAM. 23/10/39. 0830. Fog early. Clearing 0930. hours. Cloudy. Rain in afternoon.
1100. Three aircraft took off to practice R/T air to ground which proved very satisfactory.
1200. Aircraft carried out section drill.
1630. Message to stand by tomorrow at 0900. hours at one hours notice.
Squadron Leader GLENCROSS will lead.
MARHAM. 24/10/39. 0830. Fine. Northerly wind.
1000. High and low level stick bombing was carried out at BERNERS HEATH.
L.4295. back from WEYBRIDGE. L.4221. HULLAVINGTON.
1500. Message to stand down for the day.
MARHAM. 25/10/39. 0830. Fine. Northerly wind.
Exercise today according to Form B/W.X.1 postponed till Friday.
0945. Signal to stand by according to B.47. Appendix 'D'
1000. Twelve aircraft cooperate with No.38 Squadron in stick bombing as for (B) bombing at BERNERS HEATH, the C.O. Leading.
The Magister cooperated with A.A. round the aerodrome.
1030. One aircraft took off for photography.
MARHAM. 26/10/39. 0830. Mist. Visibility about 1/2 - 1 mile. Slight frost last night. Sunny later.
Exercise according to Form B/W.X.1., postponed indefinitely.
The Squadron is on stand by today.
1140. Wing Commander ROWE took off for stick bombing, one stick of four and four individual bombs at BERNERS HEATH.
1240. Another aircraft took off for the same thing.
1530. Message to stand down for the rest of the day.
Crews system of leave now changed.
One of the two sections of each Flight have six days leave, a gap of one day, followed by 48 hours for two sections taken in series.
MARHAM. 27/10/39. 0830. Overcast. Wind easterly.
0900. Lecture was given by Sgt. TILLYARD on electromagnetic bomb distributors.
1140. Two aircraft took off for LITTLE RISSINGTON flying in line astern to deliver one of these aircraft.
1145. Three aircraft took off for formation flying.
1340. One aircraft took off BASSINGBOURNE and return.
1410. Aircraft took off for section drill, tuning in to wireless ground station before taking off. Consultation on R/T afterwards.
1600. Message we are standing by tomorrow in place of FELTWELL.
MARHAM. 28/10/39. 0830. Rain. Gusty North East wind.
0900. Message that 48 aircraft are required for operation tomorrow, 8 from 115 Squadron.
Lecture on smoke flare by Flight Sergeant ALLEN.
1300. One aircraft took off for FILTON for spare parts and returned.
1400. Message that operations tomorrow postponed till 30/10/39 when we stand by from 06.00 hours.
1500. Message to stand down for the day.
MARHAM. 29/10/39. 0830. Heavy rain. Wind N.E.
1530. Message to stand by on Wednesday 1ste. November.
1545. Discussion on Fighting control attended by the Station Commander.
Operations tomorrow according to Form B.49. in which 48 aircraft including 9 from No.115 Squadron cooperate with a sweeping movement of a destroyer flotilla in the North Sea.
Stand by at one hours notice from 0700. tomorrow.
MARHAM. 30/10/39. 0700. Fine. Easterly wind.
0930. Message that districts in KENT and ESSEX have had air raid warning.
1400. Message to stand down for the day.
1430. Two aircraft took off for compass swinging.
1530. One aircraft took off for air test.
MARHAM. 31/10/39. 0830. Fine. Easterly wind.
0930. Wing Commander STANLEY and Squadron Leader PERKINS from Bomber Command called to discuss engineering problems.
We hear that Flight Lieutenant GUTHRIE, Pilot Officer ATKINSON and crew are posted to No.9 Squadron, HONINGTON.
1045. Three aircraft took off for formation practice and another for air test.
1440. Three aircraft took off for cooperation with fighters at WITTERING, these were unable to cooperate so machines just flew to WITTERING and back practising formation flying.
1520. Three aircraft took off for formation practice.
74 hours 25 minutes have been done on the Link Trainer this month.