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15/4/18. Unit formed ? CAPTAIN J. W. JAMES equipped with HANDLEY PAGE aircraft.
17/7/18. MAJOR W. E. GARDINER D.S.O. took over command on 15/7/18.
29/8/18. Unit forceeded overseas.
1/9/18. First Station overseas. (RĂ©ville is a commune in the Manche department in Normandy in north-western France.)
Nov. '18. (Saint-Inglevert is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department in the Hauts-de-France region of France.)
4/3/19. Squadron disbanded.

MARHAM. 15/6/37. The Squadron reformed under SQUADRON LEADER F. L. HOPPS - A.F.C., taking out 'B' flight of No. 38 (B) Squdron who was equipped with FAIREY HENDON aircraft.
SQUADRON LEADER W. J. M. AKERMAN commanded 'B' Flight of No. 38 (B) Squadron and took over 'A' Flight of No. 115 (B) Sqaudron.
P/O. J. F. NEWMAN took over duty as Squadron Adjutant.
SQUADRON LEADER F. L. HOPPS collected the first HANDLEY PAGE "HARROW" aircraft with which the Unit was to be equipped.
12/7/37. SQUADRON LEADER A. ?. OWEN - M.C. posted to command 'B' Flight.
MARHAM. 9/8/37. The twelfth aircraft completing the initial equippement of the Squadron, collected from HANDLEY PAGE's aerodrome at RADLETT.
ALBER GROVE - Ireland.
27/10/37. The Squadron forceeded to No. 2 Armerment Training group for armement Training.
MARHAM. 19/11/37. The Squadron returned from No. 2 Armament Training Group. The air ? ecperienced bad icing conditions on the way over.

MARHAM. 21/2/38. S/Ldr. W. J. M. AKERMAN posted to Bomber Commnad for Air Staff duties.
S/Ldr. B. E.(C?) FARROW posted to this Unit to command 'A' Flight in place of S/Ldr. AKERMAN.
MARHAM. 9/3/38. S/Ldr. A. N. OWEN posted to A.AEE MARTLESHAM HEATH.
S/Ldr. J. E. W. BOWLES posted to this unit to command 'B' Flight in place of S/Ldr. A. A. OWEN.
The French Air Force mission with General Vuillemin visited MARHAM and inspected the Squadron, its Aircrafts and equipment. Much interst was taken by the mission in the HARROW's, especially in the navigational equipements.
MARHAM. 28/6/38. Anniversery of the first year of the unit reforming.
The year was a whole ? ? ? ? of the difficulties ? in reforming the unit, such as ? troule of a new type aircraft, both of equipement, training of pilots, wireless operators and air gunners.
The Squadron is now fully operational as ? ? and ? ? ? bombs only certain millitary equipement such as ?
Moving the ? of the ? the unit was detached ? station in ? to ? the ? of operating from a Satalite aerodrome, in this ? WEST RAYNHAM was ? for the Squadron.
The Squadron ? and this air? ? pitched out and round the ? of the aerodrome and ? of the ? excisting facilities sutch barracks some accomedation, electric light was availaby for ? by the Squadron.
Communications was by direct land line to MARHAM and the Squadron ? under order issiued by 'OC' MARHAM.
RAYNHAM by ? of ? ?
Owing to ? bad weather conditions i.e. fog and low cloud, the ? of the raids were cancelled by Bomber Command but from an administrative poind of view much was learned from the ?;
MARHAM. 8/8/38. At the conclusion of the ? rhe Dquadron returned to its Base at MARHAM.
MARHAM. 12/8/38. At a ? ? the unit was presented with its badge by Air ? ? A. A. B. THOMSON - M.C.
The badge which was offerd by H.M. The King consists of the following divies "A ? hand around at the wrist grooming a Tiller' with the motto en English 'Despite the Elements'.
MARHAM. 20/8/38. Posting to Unit of ?/O. SIMPSON - A/P.O. ?; A/P.O. WOOD posted to Unit 17/8/38.
23- 24/9/38. The Unit moved to WEST FREUGH, No. 4 Armement Training Station.
The Air ? ? while on the way to WEST FREUGH a ? ? owing to the National Emergency.
The ? P/O. NEWMAN arriving at WEST FREUGH by ? ? ? of the Airmen + ? ? and ? by special train to MARHAM.
MARHAM. 25/9/38. During the period of this crisis the Unit remained at MARHAM but on the International situation becomming more settled the Squadron ? ? set out for No. 4 A.TS. at WEST FREUGH and remained there for a fourthnight during which time the majority of Air gunners was qualified and some very good results were ontained.
MARHAM. 21/10/38. The Unit returned to MARHAM.
MARHAM. 23/10/38. O? ? ? ? the Air party ? a ? developed engine trouble and returned ? LIVERPOOL, the ? P/O. NEWMAN, Sgt. ?, Sgt. SATTUR?, L.A.C. BORROWS and A.C. PILGRIM recued by parachute.
A/P.O. Br? + A/P.O. WOD posted to ? Flying School.
The following Officers promoted to F/O., P/O. NEWMAN w.e.f. 9/9/38.; P/O. WALLS w.e.f. 17/?/38.; P/O. S?AIGT w.e.f. 9/10/38.; P/O. SIMPSON w.e.f. 25/4/38.; with ? 25/1/38.; F/O. A. J. GUTHRIE to Flight Leutenant w.e.f. 16/10/38.
P/O. WILLIAMS transferred to the Navy Air Branch w.e.f. 16/10/38.
P/O. GAYFORD posten to the Unit for flying duties.
MARHAM. 29/10/38. A/P/O. M? posted to the Unit for flying duties as a Class 'A' ? ? ?
MARHAM. 1/11/38 Unit's annual ? by Air Commadore A. A. B. THOMPSON - M.C. A.F.C., Air Officers commanding No. 3 Group.
MARHAM. 30/11/38. P/O. E. G. F. ? appointed adjutant in place of F/O. ?. F. NEWMAN who was posted to 'A' Flight for flying duties.
MARHAM. 9/12/38. Wing Commander F. L. HOPPS. - A.F.C., posted to Staff ? ?, Squadron Leader J. E. W. BOWLES ? command of the Squadron, and F/O. L. VINCENT that of 'B' Flight.
MARHAM. 30/12/38. A/P/O. MARSH transferred to the ?.