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Erwin Sollie                   Erwin Sollie

22 november 1961 - 12 augustus 2022

  Hij was er altijd voor iedereen,
    maar nog zoveel te doen.
          Zoveel te geven,
hij was nog niet klaar met dit leven.

He was always there for everyone
         but still so much to do.
             So much to give,
  he wasn't done with this life yet.

Donald Edward MorganOn July 20th we received following mail,
thanks to Mike Hillier we have a new face for our Roll of Honour.


I have attached a photograph of
906071 Flight Sergeant Donald Edward Morgan, W/Op on 115 Squadron
Wellington BJ710 - KO-L who was killed in action when his aircraft
failed to return on the night of the 27/28 August 1942 during a raid on Kassel;
he was aged 26.

Donald was born on the 20th August 1916 in Claydon, Suffolk, England,
and was the son of Winfred Edward Mosart Morgan and Mary Brewer Andrew Morgan,
and husband to Mary Lowman Wilde of Dudley, Staffordshire, England.

Kind Regards
Mike Hillier

Mount Albert George EdwardLancaster HK552Thanks to Sylvia Nicholson (nee Bamford) we received a new face for the Roll of Honour,

Sgt Albert Mount replaced Sgt Blench on this mission on Chevreuse, France, did not survive along with his 5 crewmembers of Lancaster Mk I - HK552 KO-J

The only survivor, F/O. Tarlton, was captured in Paris June 1944 and became POW.

It was a black day for 115 Squadron,
6 Lancaster's did not returned to Base, 36 lives were lost, one captured and 5 escaped imprisonment.

18 May 2022, Remembrance service for the crew of Wellington P9298 KO-H, crashed on 21 May 1940. There were no survivors.

Also the crew of Wellington R3152 KO-J was lost, with no survivors.

The transmitter/receiver taken out of the Wellington after the crash and donated during the ceremony to the Friends of 115 Squadron and was returned to Marham Aviation Heritage Centre in June.

Click here for the photo reportage, to see video footage click on the links Voir la vidéo (© - Eliane Keppens), it's all French spoken as the ceremony took place in the Brussels region of Belgium.

Dear friends, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of the municipality of Alken,
and the various groups for their unbelievable cooperation on this wonderful day and for bringing about a very good result in the end.

From all our 115 Squadron friends thank you very much for this fantastic cooperation.
Thank you very much.

Lieve vrienden ik wil dan ook van harte gebruik maken om langs deze weg de mensen van de gemeente Alken van harte te bedanken,
en van de verschillende groepen om op deze prachtige dag ongelofelijk samen te werken en uiteindelijk een heel mooi resultaat te brengen.

Vanwege al onze 115 Squadron vrienden hartelijk dank voor deze fantastische samenwerking.
Dank je wel.

Lancaster DS663Hello, I am the grand-nephew of Sargeant McGowan William McIlwee - RG
Sgt - Service No 1551754 - and i was asked to send a copy of a photograph of him,
i don't know much about William but i thought it would be good to send you the photo,

Best Regards, Paul Galli.

Thanks to Paul we have one more face for the Roll of Honour page of
the crew of Lancaster DS663.

4 March 2022 - Who can help Eric BXn ?

I me french. So sorry for my bad english.

I discovered the grave of 4 RAF servicemen at Chalandry cemetery.
They were the crew of a Wimpy (BK 206) shot down on 22/11/1942.
That makes 80 years. were part of the 115 sqdn.

Would you have photos or testimonies of these men or threir families. It is about :

SGT Alexander Winton ROBERTSON - 657056 - KIA
SGT Alfred Leonard WOOD - 1208568 - KIA
SGT John Ashburner TEXTER - 1287689 - KIA
SGT Royston Delmare MORRIS - 1037412 - KIA
SGT Kenneth Arthur GOSNEY - 1380364 - POW

I would like to make a small exhibition to honor their memory for this 80th anniversary.

Lancaster DS685On 3 March we received following mail from Carolyn Woodruff regarding Sgt. Petts Laurence,

PetssI have just found a photo album in my mother's possession.
Some of the squad in Port Elizabeth as well as I think the crew that was lost.

The crew mentioned was on Lancaster Mk II DS685 KO-A on a mission on Hamburg on 2/3 August 1943.

The crew,
F/S. Button Cyril - Pilot +
Sgt. Pasquins Richard Leonard - Nav +
Sgt. Brown Charles Frederick - WOP +
Sgt. Petts Laurence Alfred Herbert - BA +
Sgt. Eade Lionel Walter - MUG +
Sgt. Baily John Herbert - RG +
Sgt. Bell Eric James - FE +

Two other Lancaster's of 115 were lost that night with no survivors.

Lancaster Mk II - DS673 KO-V no survivors.
Lancaster Mk II - DS715 KO-Q no survivors.


I'm the Nephew of the late Harry Durham. Lancaster navigator in 115 Squadron.

He flew with Ernie Moon, pilot and Frank Kanarens, rear gunner, on raids from late 1943 to middle of 1944 from RAF Witchford.
I think they were the first crew to survive a full tour - but it was something Harry never spoke about.
I've now some material from my Mother, Harry's little sister, who very sadly passed away last October.

Ernie was awarded the DFC and I'd love to find out some more about what happened.

Durham HarryPlease find a Photo of Harry, far left, and Ernie third from the right with Frank on the right.

Happy to link up on Facebook which is how I found you 🙂

Very best wishes

Under movements we find,
15 Dec. 1943. - 1129413 F/S. MOON, E. Pilot Posted from No.1678 Con. Flt.

In the ORB, 29/12/43. Mission BERLIN.

F/S. MOON E. - Captain.
F/S. DURHAM H. - Navigator.
Sgt. SWANN J. - Air Bomber.
Sgt. OSWELL D. - Mid. Upper.
F/S. KANARENS F. - Rear Gunner.
Sgt. SHARPE. G. – Flt. Engineer.

One Crew was lost on this mission, Lancaster DS843 – 4 KIA, 2 PoW, 1 escaped via Comete Line.

We received a follow up regarding research on the service of F/S. Harry Durham - Navigator.

Many thanks for sending me all your records and Ernie Moon's DFC Gazette. These were hugely appreciated and really helped me piece together what happened to Harry, Ernie and crew.

I also had a lovely day in Witchford with Sue showing me the wonderful collection of memorabilia as well as the LL668's engine.
All very thought provoking - they were truly terrible times.

115 SquadronPlease find a copy of my research from Harry's perspective. As he never spoke about it then it's very much what I've been able to piece together from his flying log and what you and Sue have shared with me.

Thanks again for all your help and I'll keep in touch - please let me know if you are thinking of coming over.

Very best wishes, Peter Schofield

Marham Aviation Heritage Centre - AHC.

30th September - 1st October 1940 a Wellington bomber Mk Ic R3292 - KO-F for Freddie took off from RAF Marham at 1937hrs.
The target that night was the marshalling yards at Osnabrück. The aircraft was lost with the entire crew.

The Crew
Sgt Cyril Wessels KIA, aged 21, Buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - Collective grave 26.F.1-9
Sgt Neville W G Thompson, KIA, aged 24, Buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - Collective grave 26.F.1-9
Sgt A D Cameron, KIA, aged 26, Buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery - Collective grave 26.F.1-9
Sgt A J Pennington, KIA, aged 20, Remembered on the Runnymede Memorial Panel 18.
Sgt H W Pritchard, KIA, aged 19, Remembered on the Runnymede Memorial Panel 18.
Sgt J G C MacNair, KIA, aged 21, Remembered on the Runnymede Memorial Panel 17.

Wellington R3292Wellington R3292

Recently, relatives of Sgt Pennington visited the RAF Marham Aviation Heritage Centre to dedicate a plaque to him on the Memorial Wall.

A heartfelt thankyou to the family for asking us to remember him and for the kind donation.

Everyone Remembered

Marham Aviation Heritage Centre - AHC.

6th - 7th May 1942 a Wellington bomber Mk III X3466 - KO-N took off from RAF Marham at 2130hrs.

The target that night was mainly Stuttgart. The aircraft crashed in the vicinity of Laon, France.

The Crew
F/L Nathaniel Paterson NZ Pilot - KIA Aged 25, remembered on the Runnymede Memorial panel 66.
P/O Patrick Henry Francis William Leland NZ Observer - KIA Aged 27, buried in the St Just Cemetery Laon.
Sgt A E Smith Wireless Operator/Air Gunner - POW Stalag 357
Sgt B A Ramsbottom Air Gunner - POW Stalag 357
Sgt / WO Edward Callander DFM Air Gunner - POW - after a number of escape attempts and recapture he was finally caught at the docks
trying to board a Swedish ship, he was interrogated around the time of the Great Escape and subsequently executed by the Gestapo.
His name is on the Runnymede Memorial Panel 213.

On Saturday 29th January 2022 relatives of Sgt Ramsbottom visited the RAF Marham Aviation Heritage Centre to dedicate a plaque to him on the Memorial Wall.

A very emotional tribute which touched all the volunteers.

A huge thank you to the family for the very kind donation.

Everyone Remembered

Wellington BJ75622 January - Thanks to Tessa Gill we have a new face for our Roll of Honour, always appreciated.

Wellington Mk III - BJ756 KO-Q.


I am very much an amateur family history researcher and confess that I have looked at your wonderful website for 115 Squadron many times.
Its brilliantly researched with a huge amount of detail...thank you for keeping those
young men's memories alive!

My Uncle was Charles James Joseph Whitton Lamb on the mission listed above.
I have attached his photograph and some details that are missing. Hope it helps!

Charles is in the middle of the first photograph but unfortunately Im not sure who the other two men are. Third photograph is Charles left back with his father James and in from sister Doris, mum Alice and then Olive. The last attachment is a copy of a note sent by my Grandfather J.E.W Lamb to Charles's sister Olive.

Hope this helps with the project.

Many thanks,
Tessa Gill

Charles Lamb
22 January - Who can help?

Hello from New Zealand,

I'm a New Zealand researcher helping a nephew of Henry Herbert Hartley of 115 Squadron
who was navigator on the above plane piloted by D F Holder, a New Zealander.

I understand the Lancaster (Lancaster Mk I - HK556 A4-F) exploded with all bombs onboard in
Gemeinde Brodersdof and the crew is remembered at Runnymede.

Mr Hartley's nephew is seeking any further information on the crash and I was wondering if you
have anything on this crash other than what is on your website. We already have the ORB on the crash.

If you have anything else, we'd be very grateful to receive it.

Best wishes and thank you in advance.

Contact via - friends115squadron@gmail.com

17 January 2022.

Charlie Sergeant on behalf of all our friends worldwide from 115 Squadron we all wish you a super fantastic Happy Birthday.
Make it a very happy day. And enjoy it. 97 years young.

Thank you for your service.

Tarrance FreemanCanadian Aviation Museum, Published on FB 18 February 2019.

February is Black History month in Canada.

Today, we honour Tarrance Freeman from Windsor, Ontario.

Pilot Officer, Tarrance Freeman, a navigator, was the first black pilot to be commissioned in the RCAF on July 9, 1943.
Freeman, the son of William Freeman of Windsor, attended Patterson Collegiate and the Windsor Vocational School.

He left his position at the post office to join the RCAF. He attended flight training in London, Ontario.
Pilot Officer Tarrance Freeman is believed to be the first Black Canadian navigator in the RCAF.

Freeman was not the first Black Canadian in the RCAF, that honour goes E.V. Watts and Gerald Bell.
In addition, the first Black Canadian combat pilot was Allan Bundy, from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Freeman died June 17, 1992, at the age of 74. He was buried in Dresden, Ontario Cemetery.

Tarrance FreemanRear row, left to right

Don Mller - Rear Gunner - Toronto
Ron Bradfield - Wireless Operator - Wales
Doug Marsh - Engineer - England.

Front row, left to right

Bill Smith - Bombadier - Vancouver
Ken Gadd - Pilot - Peterborough
Terry Freeman - Navigator - Windsor.

George BrownFrom the left to the right - 115 Sqn.

F/O. W. T. (Bill) Smith, Air Bomber, RCAF J.27224.

Sgt. George Brown, Mid Upper, RCAF R.209559.

Sgt. George F. Hawkins, Nav., RAF.

F/Lt. Kenn V. Gadd, Captain, RCAF J.27906.

Sgt. Don Miller, Rear Gunner, RCAF R.217134.

Sgt. R. (Ken) Bradfield, WOP/Air, RAF.

Sgt. Doug Marsh, Flt. Eng., RAF.

With thanks to Aviation Heritage Centre Marham.

George BrownA reaction from Jim Brown,

My dad is George Brown. Mid upper gunner RCAF.
Born in Alberta, lived and died in London, Ontario in 1999.

This crew was shot up in a raid on a rail yard near Paris in June or July of 1944.

Pilot brought her in but most of the crew bailed out over England.

I still have the D ring.

These crews put it all on the line.