The following list of names is published by the Aircrew Association,
if anyone has more information, a photo, please sent/contact us on our e-mail

Initials  Surname  Served  Role  Location  When Died
 B R  Smith  115  Air Gunner  Herts-North  17 Apr 20
C E  Flint  115, 178, 70  Signaller  Chiltern  27 Jan 19
D A  Marsh  115  Flight Engineer  Lincolnshire  5 Nov 16
L G  Morecombe  110, 99, 36, 511, 10, 115  Navigator  Gloucestershire  19 Oct 14
C V  Wilson  115  Air Gunner  Chiltern  3 Feb 13
D S  Gallanders  567, 115  Pilot  Cyprus  22 Aug 11
A  Goldby  115  WOp/AG  Watford  Spring 2011
T J  Goss  115, 36  Navigator  Horsham  Winter 2010
B J  King  9, 81, 97, 115, 72, 78  Navigator  Camberley  Winter 2010
P E  Nelson AFC  10, 115, 32, 216  Pilot  Okehampton  Winter 2010
C H  Painting  214, 115, XV , 55, 57, 543  Navigator  Brampton  Winter 2010
L S  Wright  75, 199, 99, 48, 115, 10  Flight Engineer  Chippenham  Winter 2010
W G  Gregory  10, 37, 38, 216, 115, 116  Pilot  Leigh-On-Sea  Autumn 2010
A H  Flint C de G  115    Brentwood  Summer 2010
G J  South DSO DFC  405, 7, 242, 246, 511, 115  Pilot  Woking  Summer 2010
H A  Palmer  44, 49, 50, 57, 115, 205, 209, 210  Air Gunner  Haverhill  Spring 2010
S  Wood  115, 16, 104  WOp/AG  Wigan  Spring 2010
F S  Armitage  65, 511, 115, 216, 360  AEO  Newark  Autumn 2009
C  Longden  115, 57    Worcester  Autumn 2009
J A  Martin DFC  620, 115, 51  Flight Engineer  Lame  Autumn 2009
R  Williamson DFM  115, 196, 216, 210  WOp/AG  Hull  Autumn 2009
K L  Handscomb  617, 604, 35, 115, 10, 57, 55  Pilot  Downham Market  Summer 2009
O N  Hughes  115, 242, 511, 246  Navigator  Knutsford  Summer 2009
A  Jackson DFC MID  115, 149, 207, 49  Navigator  Edinburgh  Summer 2009
A  Blench  115  Flight Engineer  Broadstairs  Spring 2009
R  Lyle  115, 620  Flight Engineer  London  Spring 2009
F  Stillwell  238, 30, 115  Navigator  Marlow  Winter 2008
A M  Harradence  115, 147, 403  Pilot  Calgary  Autumn2008
M H J  Baldwin  115  Air Gunner  Newbury  Summer 2008
A  Ballentine  115, 214  Air Gunner  Belfast  Summer 2008
C M  Wilson DFC  70, 115  Pilot  Rugby  Summer 2008
K W  Syratt  115, 178, 70  Air Gunner  Southampton  Winter 2007
E  Hunter  115, 432  WOp/AG  Calgary, AB  Winter 2007
R F  Chandler  75, 115  Air Gunner  East Looe  Winter 2007
A E  Smith  115  WOp/AG  Woodbridge  Winter 2007
F E  WarrenAE  115, 210, 203, 36, 38  Signaller  Newquay  Summer 2007
E M  Henderson  115  Navigator  Oshawa, ON  Summer 2007
H A  Holmes DFC  115, 156  WOp/AG  Broadstone  Summer 2007
A J  Baldwin CdeG (Bel)  179, 38, 115, 220  Signaller  Perranporth  Spring 2007
W A  Copley AFM  48, 99, 242, 114, 105, 115  Navigator  Sidmouth  Winter 2006
A E  Quinn  195, 35, 115  Air Gunner  Boston  Winter 2006
I E D  Logan  23, 115, 137  Navigator  Tunbridge Wells  Autumn 2006
V H  Hudson  115, 78, 207, 275  Navigator  Albrighton  Autumn 2006
R A  Hurrell  115  Navigator  Tankerton  Summer 2006
R S  Stewart DFC  115, 75  Navigator  Norwich  Summer 2006
G  McGowan  102, 90, 115, 203  Pilot  Oxford  Summer 2006
I H  Grant  626, 61, 115, 25  Pilot  Grantham  Summer 2006
D B  Stewart OBE  149, 138, 115  Observer  Alicante  Summer 2006
J C  Sass  115  Air Gunner  Exeter  Spring 2006
W J  Richards  115, 195  Signaller  Oswestry  Spring 2006
K F  Acland  115  Flight Engineer  Bridgwater  Spring 2006

Jean LeatherdaleWe received following said news from Paul Leatherdale,

Mum passed away on 16th Jan from COVID.

Best rgds, Paul

Obituary from Jean Leatherdale (Nee Clarke)

Died suddenly on 16th January 2021 at her home in Dell Rose Court, Norwich aged 92.

Loving widow of Sqn. Ldr. Frank Leatherdale DFC, and mother of Paul.

Survived by her brothers Gerald and Philip and sister Beryl.

To the skies.

W/O. John "Jock" Adamson
Mid-upper gunner

Passed away peacefully at Clare House, Invercargill
on Saturday, May 9, 2020, in his 96th year.

Dearly loved husband of Gwenda for 66 years.

Source: Int. Bomber Command Centre and The Southland Times.

Richard Tinsley.
1924 – 2020.

I was saddened to hear of the recent passing of 'my' local World War Two RAF veteran, Richard Tinsley, who died on January 4, 2020, aged 95.

In the last weeks of the war 'Dick' Tinsley flew as a flight engineer with 115 Squadron from RAF Witchford on Lancasters B.IIIs As part of Sgt. (later P/O.) John Rymer's crew, he completed five combat operations before the war in Europe ended.

His first two ops were both night attacks upon Kiel, before taking part in three daytime raids. The first daytime sortie was against an oil refinery in the Ruhr, the second targeted Heligoland and the crew's final combat sortie was to Bad Oldesloe, north of Hamburg, in April 1945.

The crew then completed three humanitarian food drops to the starving Dutch people as part of Operation MANNA.

After the war, Dick went on to run a successful farming business.

The last surviving member of that crew is Tony Snook, the rear gunner. Remembering his former comrade, Tony told Memorial Flight: "Dick was a first class person; very steady, very reliable and even at his then young age, you could see that he was the type of person that you could expect to go on and run a successful business."

Art. From Lincolnshire Lancaster Association magazine, Memorial Flight, by Tom Allett, editor.
Photo courtesy of Jenny Tinsley.

We received following post from Paul Davidson,

I hope you will allow me to post a notice I saw in the local paper this week.
Originally printed on January 15, 2020 in the Hunts Post.

Bruce Evans.

FLT/LT (RETD) 115 SQUADRON Took his final flight at Manor House Care Home, Upwood on Saturday 4th January, aged 99.

Beloved husband of the late Rosemary, father of Barry, Donna and Guy and father-in-law to Colin and Betty.
Adored grandfather to Helen, Rick, Charlotte, Nick, Laura and Sarah. Great grandfather of Alice, Grace, Joseph, William, Ollie and Harriette.

Funeral service to be held at Cambridge Crematorium, East Chapel on Monday 27th January at 12.30pm.

Family flowers only, but if desired donations made payable to Dementia UK may be sent c/o William Peacock and Sons, Funeral Directors, Castle Hill Lodge, Castle Moat Road, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE29 3PG. Tel 01480 453882

Grateful thanks to the staff of Manor House Care Home for their kindness and dedication to Bruce.

David Fraser.

Message from International Bomber Command Centre.(21 August 2019)

Sad to report that David Fraser died yesterday in hospital after a short illness. David was an air gunner with Bomber Command and flew with 115 Sqn from RAF Marham, flying in Wellingtons.

He was shot down in May 1941 and was a prisoner of war. Wellington Mk IC - R1379 - KO-B.
David was involved in various escape attempts and took part in the Long March in the winter of 1945.
While being moved from one camp to another he and 5 other PoWs took an opportunity to grasp liberty and escaped their German guards and found the 8th Hussars of the 7th Armoured Division in their tanks on 12 April 1945.

Blue skies, David

From Steve Fraser.

Thank you for all of your kind thoughts from his family. Dad was always thrilled when he got the chance to visit the IBCC.

He was the warmest, most caring and most honourable of men, a good human and a great husband and father. We will miss him.
Blue skies old man. I hope you are having a G&T in the great mess in the sky (along with Mum - ex WRAF).

Ian LucasIan LucasIan Lucas.

My name is Russell Lucas and I am the son of Ian Lucas who was part of the 115 squadron as a young member and as an active secretary for many years, organising lots of annual socials.

I'm messaging because our father passed away a few months ago and I thought I should tell you. I've included a few pictures for you as he was.

Thanks. R. Lucas.

He was also the driving force behind the newsletter for 115 Sqn, "The Tiller".

Henry RossiterHenry Rossiter.

Henry Rossiter served as a radio operator in RAF Bomber Command 115 Squadron during World War Two, and was the last surviving crew member of his aircraft.

His wartime exploits saw him awarded the Legion D'Honneur. After the war he became a policeman and later a bailiff.

He died in the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital on March 30.

"He was a very sociable man who liked people," said his daughter, Lorraine.
"He was very reliable and dependable and a lot of people loved him. "He had such a wide variety of friends and acquaintances, no doubt who we will see at the funeral. They are coming from far and wide."

Source; - 15 APR 2019

George Desmond "Dessie" Sherwood Perry.

Message by his nice Juliet Hartridge, 16 January 2019 - dob 11.5.24 - Greorge died last week, aged 94.

We knew he was a rear gunner in Lancaster's who was involved in ops over the Ruhr. He was very reluctant to talk about this in any detail.

He started his air gunners trainings in Feb 1944, and this was followed by flight training and exercises until he started ops in October 44, including the flight over Cologne on October 30 (Lancaster HK595). His last flight was Dec 27th 44. His tour ended on 19.1.45.

In total he did 24 ops and survived unscathed, which is amazing considering how vulnerable rear gunners were. After the war he returned to run the family motor trade business in Paignton Devon, but went on to take his private pilots licence in the 1950s, I believe he stopped flying in 1970.

Alex KerrAlex KerrAlexander "Alex" Kerr.

Passed away on 30th December 2018.

He was posted in April 1941 to 115 Squadron, flying Wellington Bombers.
Alex was shot down on his fourth operation on 10 May 1941 over Hamburg. Badly wounded and unable to get out of the escape hatch, his life was saved by his rear gunner. Taken to a POW hospital for life saving surgery by a French surgeon who was himself a POW.

During his time as a prisoner he was involved in three escape attempts. He succeeded on his third attempt and returned to England.

He was a proud member of the 'Caterpillar Club'.

Frank leatherdaleFrank Leatherdale.

Frank LeatherdaleIt is with great regret that we announce that Squadron Leader , D.F.C.
passed away peacefully on Wednesday 23rd March 2016.

He was President of 115 Squadron Association for many years. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Flew as a Sgt Navigator with 115 Squadron on Lancasters.
After a period of instructing sent to 7 Squadron PFF as a Master Navigator.
Frank finished the War on Mosquitoes and completed 59 Operations with Bomber Command.

Photo b/w: "We never blamed the crews": the flooding of Walcheren Island, October 1944. Book by Paul Crucq.

Barry Aldridge Barry Aldridge,
passed away peacefully in Soham Lodge Care Centre on Friday 1st January 2016, aged 68.

Barry played a key role in setting up a display of Second World War memorabilia at Ely Museum in May 1995 to celebrate 50 years since the war ended. Over the years, Barry became increasingly passionate with his research and the display grew and grew.

There is now a RAF Witchford Display of Memorabilia at the Lancaster Way Business Park - the former RAF Witchford airfield.

Info on Traces of

Sue Aldridge has fulfilled her ill husband's dream of having his own book Memories of RAF Witchfordpublished.

Howell Aubrey Aubrey Howell.

27th August 1921 - 4th December 2012.

Flight Lieutenant D.F.C. Order of Service to the late Mr Aubrey Howell, and an extract from the Obituary I wrote for Dad's funeral.

It includes some 'behind the scenes' stories about their RAF experiences never before published (in bold) ...

Ken Denly.

14 June 2020. Louise Smith send us following,

Our Dad flew in a Lancaster called "The Bad Penny" named because it kept coming back!

Sgt. Ken Denly was a bomb aimer and was awarded the DFC at 21 years of age.

He has sadly passed away (2012) now but my mum is still in contact with the one surviving crew member.

Thanks to all those who served and are still serving today.

September 2012. Wartime airman's 60 missions in Lancaster bomber.

Obituary published in the Kentish Gazette Canterbury & District.

Dear Sir,
Please see the announcement about Pilot P/O. Frank Norman PLUM, RAFVR,
a pilot who served with 115 Squadron; and later with 692 Squadron in No 8 Group.

Yours faithfully,
Norman Wells.

Plum Frank Norman, DFC and Bar - 12.03.1923 – 12.02.2009.

On 12th February peacefully at Blackbrook Care Home, Dedham, Norman of Frinton-on-Sea, aged 85 years.
Much loved husband of Audrey, a dear father of Melvin and Beverly and a loving grandad and great grandad.
A Thanksgiving Service will be held at St. Mary's Parish Church, Frinton-on-Sea on Wednesday, 25th February at 12 noon.
Family flowers only please but donations if so desired to RAFA Benevolent Fund c/o P.G. Oxley Ltd., 43/47 High Street,
Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, CO14 8BE, Tel. 01255 675549.