Bram Dermout The book, written in 2019 by Bram Dermout, brings the story of the British Avro Lancaster bomber and his tragic faith of the crew that crashed in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium 1944.

The book is writtin in Dutch, but will be available in English, probably november 2019.
As soon as the English version is available a correct price incl. shipping will be available.

You can order a Dutch version book via Bram Dermout, e-mail, for € 20, shipping is €3.

For each book sold, € 2 will go to the "display of memorabilia" in Witchford, former airbase of 115 sqn.

115 Squadron still serves today's Royal Air Force, one of the few that can trace their origin back to the Great War.

Chris Ward's profile of this venerable unit covers the hardest days of its history, the Second World War, from which it emerged bloodied but unbowed.

Bomber Command Books from Mention the War Publications - 28 Mar 2019
ISBN-13: 978-1911255420 - 314 pages with lots of photos.

Gordon Cammell was shot down on the run to Essen 27/28 May 1943, and the only survivor of Lancaster DS655 and prisoner in Stalag III.

Dorrance Publishing Co. November 2, 2018
Paperback: 120 pages - ISBN-13: 978-1480955257

James Walker Angela Walker wrote a book "From Battle of Britain Airman to PoW Escapee". Her father Sergeant James Walker survived tree crashes and escaped eight day out of a prisoner of war camp.

This is the Second World War story of a champion cyclist turned airman who lived to tell the tale against almost impossible odds.

A New Zealander in the RAF, Ian Walker took part in the Battle of Britain before transferring to Bomber Command and surviving three plane crashes in his Wellington bomber.

The last of these saw him crash land in enemy territory, where he was eventually captured and taken prisoner.

Pen & Sword Aviation - 6 Jan 2017 - 327 pages
ISBN: 9781473890749

Witchford This is an incredible collection of personal stories, memories and photographs of RAF Witchford from 1943 onwards.

It gives a real insight into life on a wartime airfield and you get to know many of the young airmen and women who lived and worked there.

This book is dedicated to all those who lost their lives during World War 2, especially those from RAF Witchford and RAF Mepal.

Publisher: Milton Contact Limited - 24 Nov 2013
ISBN 978-0-9573959-6-7

alex kerr

Twenty-year-old Alex had been operational with No. 115 Squadron as second pilot on a Wellington for less than a month when, on 10 May 1941, he and his British crew members were on their way home after a successful bombing run to Hamburg, one of Germany's most fiercely defended targets. With little warning, a night fighter announced its presence by firing on, and hitting, the rear turret.

Kristen Alexander is researching the experiences of Australians in Stalag Luft III and welcomes contact with anyone with family connections to former SLIII prisoners. Kristen's website is

A Secret Diary of One POW's Long March to Freedom.

Big Sky Publishing, June 2015, 199 pages - ISBN: 9781925275179

In 1939, Britain declared war on Germany, and a young Canadian working at the experimental gardens in Craibstone, Scotland, voluntarily enlisted in the Royal Air Force.

These are the memoirs of my late grandfather, Don Cameron, Lancaster bomber pilot with RAF Squadron 115 based at Witchford, Cambridgeshire, England.

They cover his training, his active service, and his later flying with BOAC.

Published by Graeme Boocock in 2013, ? pages - ISBN: 9781311151414

Story of Lancaster ND913 'Popeye', the Lancaster Crashed on 21 July 1944 at Papendrecht/Sliedrecht, Netherlands.

This book is written in Dutch by Chris Meijers.

Published by De Stroombaan in 2010, 72 pages - ISBN: 9789076496450

Edward Callander The Story of Edward "Ned" Callander, DFM, Croix de Guerre, Hero of Two Nations.

While a POW, Callander escaped on three occasions. On the first occasion he was part of a large group who tunnelled their way out. Having been recaptured, he later evaded his captors while being returned to the camp.

In 1944 Callander made his third escape, this time by hiding for over two days in a disused water tank. Edward Callander apparently made it as far as the port of Danzig on the Baltic before being recaptured. This time he was not returned to his camp, instead being shot by the Gestapo. He was only 27.

An RAF comrade wrote: 'an unforgettable character with an adventurous spirit and a wealth of sheer courage. A very rare person indeed'

Published by RedBek in 2008, 81 pages - ISBN: 9780953452903

RAAF Sergeant E.A. (Ted) Coates was flying his Wellington bomber over Germany on raid after raid, knowing that eventually he and his crew would find themselves on the receiving end of a German fighter.

One night in November 1942 their worst fears were realised and Ted found himself parachuting through the darkness of a French night over enemy territory.

This story relates his adventures as he walked and rode across France on his way to Spain and freedom ... without any help from the French Underground.

Published by Australian Military History Publ - 1996 - 118 pages - ISBN: 9780646259857

George Bury Wellingtons of 115 Squadron Over Europe
Life in the Royal Air Force in War and Peace.

George Bury, was a navigator in 115 Squadron.

Publisher: Newton Books (August 1994)

Paperback - 167 pages

ISBN: 978-1872308241

The Autobiography of a Bomber Pilot. Edwards, Ralph, Sqn. Ldr DSO, RAF , HB/DJ

Authors memoirs from Sept. 1939 to 1958, primarily all on WW II. He commenced operational flying Aug. 1940 with 115 Bomber Sq, 3 Group, from 1943 to 1944 he flew with No7 Pathfinder Force Sq, thereafter a wide variety of postings incl. Transport Command where took part in the RAF flights to the Crimea for the Yalta Conference in 1945.

Publisher: Booksellers & Distributors) Ltd - 18/04/1994
190 pages - ISBN 9781897817339

Sgt Don Bruce 115 Squadron RAF Roll of Honour.

Jean Darley - My Fathers Website

A total of 163 pages plus Glossary of terms used together with a Table of Contents which lists all names and all aircraft for easy reference.
There are also reproductions of 24 photographs each with an explanation.

I have no more copies left. The next publication will be when I can find a publisher who can do a reasonable deal so that I not have to increase the price, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
All profits from the Roll of Honour go to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.

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