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115 SquadronWelcome on the website of the Friends of 115 Squadron, Belgium

Our aim as a small group of local amateur historians:

History – We wish to search and pass historical information, to try to link up to the future in a digital area, that way preserving and applying new found data in an effort to complied history’s unspoken answers.

Respect – We cannot pay more tribute to them who have fallen, than to pay respect for them. In our research, we always respect the family's wishes and also the privacy of those who are left behind.

Remembrance - We wish to ensure that the people who fell, military and civilian are never forgotten. There for, each year, we lay a wreath at the monument of a crashed Lancaster.

Education – We support initiatives as; school projects and private quests, enabling us to understand the reasons for the freedom we have today and look to the future in a positive manner.

Future generations must be reminded of what happened in WWII so that they never forget that their freedom was gained by acts and sacrifices of these men and women in history.

Members, Geert Bourguignon, Bram Dermout, Filip Doms, Dan Jonckers, Erwin Sollie, Danny Van Den Broeck, Dirk Vermeulen.

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27 April - Presentation of the book "Despite the Elements" written by Bram Dermout.
photos from Bob Lams FaceBook

28 April - HLN - Remembrance Lancaster DS734, Sint-Katelijne-Waver.

28 April - photos from Bob Lams FaceBook

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115 Squadron
P/O Cagienard Robert Roland
Pilot. serv. no. 174879
°1920 - +1944
via Fam. Jean & Alan Duke
Sgt. Eldrett F.
Fl. Eng. serv. no. 1397252
via Mellissa Shepherd
WO 2. Davison Ray
Rear Gunner serv. no. 2200204
via Davison Lian
All info and photos relating 115 Sqn during WW II are welcome, mail them to Filip Doms, the team thanks you for your effort.
115 SQUADRON - R.A.F.Operations Record Book - 1939-1945.
These pages including the Summary of Events (the daily notes), and Details of sortie or flight (the mission's details, and the crewmembers).
This is a major task and will take months of work. The plan in the future is to connect a search module.
26 June 2020. a update from Mark Twiddy,

Another update on the Wellington Z8863 (KO-G) memorial, still work in progress but hopefully finished in the next few weeks. Mark Twiddy Mark TwiddyMark Twiddy

22 June 2020. a update from Mark Twiddy,

We have created a display for Wellington Z8863 (KO-G) at work in conjunction for Armed Forces week along with other military equipment displays.

It gives visitors an idea of what happened and what we are planning.

Sadly not open to the general public. Wellington Z8863

14 June 2020. Louise Smith send us following photos, thanks.

Our Dad flew in a Lancaster called "The Bad Penny" named because it kept coming back!

Ken Denly was a bomb aimer and was awarded the DFC at 21 years of age.

He has sadly passed away (2012) now but my mum is still in contact with the one surviving crew member.Ken's obituary.

Dad is standing on the far left of the picture.

Thanks to all those who served and are still serving today.

One of missions from this crew was, 24 February 1944, Mission on Schweinfurt. Lancaster Mk.II – A4A. LL726.
P/O. McKECHNIE – J.35153 RCAF – Captain
F/O. LEATHERDALE Frank R. – Navigator
Sgt. PAYNE B. – Wop/Air
Sgt. DENLY K. – Air Bomber
P/O. WAGNER W. J. – Rear Gunner
Sgt. FRANCE – Flight Eng.
Lancaster ND758Frank LeatherdaleThe 'full team' in front of Lancaster ND758 The Bad Penny on completion of McKechnie's crew's first Tour

Front row: the ground crew. Back Row: Sgt. Ken Denly, bomb aimer; sgt. Joe Hayes, rear gunner; P/O. Eric Wilkin, mid-upper gunner; F/L. Don 'Mac' McKechnie, Pilot; F/O. Frank Leatherdale; Sgt. Bernard Payne, wireless operator; Sgt. Arthur France, flight engineer; at Witchford 11 July 1944.

Photo on the left: Flying Officer Frank Leatherdale in front of Lancaster III ND758 'The Bad Penny' on 115 Squadron at RAF Witchford.

All Frank Leatherdale Collection.
Source: Book, Voices in Flicht: The Path Finder Force.

Who can help? Simon Jones is searching for,

Hi have some pencil drawing of Lancaster Bomber K O R.(Pdf file.)
This could be a mystery as could relate to any one of the planes.???
Only the signature holds a bit of this answer.
Could you pass these drawings on to any of the families and see what comes up? Or are any members of the squadron left alive that could help??
Also is there a memorial plaque at Bredfield for the one that crashed there???
(22/23 March 1944 Lancaster Mk II - DS766 KO-R)

Several A/C. were coded KO-R,
DS627 crashed 19/30 May
DS668 crashed 20 June
DS683 crashed 18/19 October

DS766 crashed 22/23 March
LL667 crashed 18/19 April
NF960 crashed 28 October)

Alfred William DowsettA new face for the Roll of Honour.

On 2 June 2020 we received a message from David Stark White,

Lancaster Mk II - DS765 KO-A

This was my great uncle (my nans brother) Alfred William Dowsett who was lost over Germany (3/4 December 1943) with his complete crew of 7.

I have a picture of him my mum managed to find in my grandads pictures.

Is there anything or anywhere else I can talk to to find out more about the missions the crew flew and what actually happened to them?

I'm obsessed with him now and what happened.

My nan and grandad have now passed and I have nobody else I can ask?

Hope all is well.

Who can help Adam ?

30 May 2020. a update from Mark Twiddy,

The team i am with are in the process of building a memorial for the crew of Wellington Z8863 (KO-G) which crashed on Whitemoor marshalling yard on November 24th 1941.

I have attached a couple of pictures of the progress, the wall is up and the two brick pillars will have flagpoles in them.

The water behind the wall is apparently where some of the wreckage ended up.Wellington Z8863Wellington Z8863