115 Squadron
1940 - 1945


Research – Who can help ?

115 Squadron
Who can help ?

Hello, My name is Valerie Davis.

My father in law, Douglas Clifton Davis, was a pilot who flew Lancasters during WW2.
I have done a lot of research and have his log book and service records.
He was from South Australia and did a lot of his training there as well as in Victoria.
I know he was in 115 squadron as it is listed in his flying records but I can not find his name listed anywhere when I look for further information.

Can you help? Regards, Valerie Davis. Western Australia.

The crew,
Davis Douglas Clifton - Pilot
White Ron - FE
Carr Jock - Nav
McDonald "Mac" - WOP
Bundey Jimmy - BA
Jury Jack - MUG
Bradshaw Paddy - RG


Davis Douglas CliftonDavis Douglas Clifton
Davis Douglas CliftonDavis Douglas Clifton
Who can help Robert ?
115 Squadron Hello,

I recently bought online a badge for 115 squadron.
The person I bought the badge from had originally bought it with a mourning locket containing this photo. I suspect he was KIA. Although not necessarily with 115 squadron.

To be honest, I'm relying on an old member of the squadron recognising him. I thought it would be nice to try and trace the history regarding original owner and wondered if someone recognised the person in the photograph.

I would really appreciate any help you could give me. I am afraid that it really is a challenge!

Kind regards.
Robert Cullen