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115 squadron
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115 squadron
the Y's OwellsWelcome on the website of the Friends of 115 Squadron

Our aim as a small group of local amateur historians:

History – We wish to search and pass historical information, to try to link up to the future in a digital area, that way preserving and applying new found data in an effort to complied history’s unspoken answers.

Respect – We cannot pay more tribute to them who have fallen, than to pay respect for them. In our research, we always respect the family's wishes and also the privacy of those who are left behind.

Remembrance - We wish to ensure that the people who fell, military and civilian are never forgotten. There for, each year, we lay a wreath at the monument of a crashed Lancaster.

Education – We support initiatives as; school projects and private quests, enabling us to understand the reasons for the freedom we have today and look to the future in a positive manner.

Future generations must be reminded of what happened in WWII so that they never forget that their freedom was gained by acts and sacrifices of these men and women in history.

Members, Geert Bourguignon, Bram Dermout, Eva Dée,Filip Doms, Erwin Sollie, Danny Van Den Broeck, Dirk Vermeulen.

Losses over Belgium
115 Squadron
The Tiller
The story of
“The Y’s ‘Owells”
Bram Dermout
"My Lancaster Stories"
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He made it back, evade from Belgium to Gibraltar

Order of Service to the late Mr Aubrey Howell, and an extract from the Obituary I wrote for Dad's funeral. It includes some 'behind the scenes' stories about their RAF experiences never before published (in bold) ...

Family Howell handing the Y's 'Owells Emblem over to Sue Aldridge at the 115 Memorabilia museum at Witchford.

Mail your photo's of former members of 115 squadron during WW II. Every contribution is welcome.

Newspaper articles and photo's 2017

24 April - Gazet van Antwerpen Remembering Lancaster DS734, Sint-Katelijne-Waver.
24 April - photo's with thanks to Bob Lams - Facebook

F/O Sweeney Alfred Edward "Todd" (reference Sweeney Todd the demon barber) and crew
Thanks to Malcolm Sweeney son of Alfred E. Sweeney we received the following photo's and info,

His father served with 115 Squadron at RAF Witchford from 11/4/44 to 29/4/44. He joined the RAF in 1938 as a Halton apprentice and retired in 1976 as a Wing Commander.

Whilst based at Witchford he was a pilot (Flying Officer) and flew Lancaster Bomber E for Emily, he completed a tour of 30 missions over occupied Europe. His first on 20/4/44 Cologne his final one 12/8/44 Brunswick. He died in 2011, aged 89. His mission list.

The Crew: This is the back row only. My Father F/O Sweeney is in the middle of the 9 at the back so I presume the names relate to the 7 around him and don't include the airman at each end.
Sweeney Alfred Edward Sgt Richard (RCAF)
Sgt Goff
F/O Isaac (Ops)
F/O Sweeney
Sgt Wells Taff
Sgt Ingram (Shorty)
Sgt Unstead
Sweeney Alfred EdwardSweeney Alfred EdwardLeft, 1946 in Egypt,
above, 1976 UK.

Any information about the other people on the photo is welcome !

Lancaster Mk I - HK599 - KO-K
Eayres RaymondThanks to a contact Erwin Sollie made we have another photo of a 115 crewmember, Sgt Eayres Raymond.

The Crew:

F/O Lister R. D. - Pilot pow
Sgt Hughes Peter Herbert Frederick - FE +
F/O Brown Ronald - Nav +
F/S Loughnan Justin Francis - WOP RAAF +
F/O Ford Harry Thomas - BA +
Sgt Hamilton Robert - MUG +
Sgt Eayres Raymond - RG +

Source of the above is Chorley's Bomber Command Losses 1944, page 449

Lancaster Mk I - PD276 - KO-X. This Lancaster was lost on 25 October 1944 with another crew, there were no survivers.
PD 276 KO-K PD 276
Thanks Mellissa Sheppard we have 4 more photo's of a 115 Lancaster crew.
Second from the left her Father, Charlie Sheppard (DFM), later he was assigned to the Pathfinder’s.
Who has more info on the other crewmembers? Let us now.
Lancaster Mk II - LL694 - KO-N
John Laurence DuffyThanks to George Allison we have another face to our Roll of Honour. F/S John Laurence Duffy 413046 RNZAF was shot down with his crew on the 24th March 1944. There were no survivors.

Vipond Thomas Elliott – Pilot
Diggle Arthur – FE
Duffy John Laurence – Nav
Hammond John Edwin - WOP
Deemer Edward John - BA
Hull Alexander John - MUG
Coulter Robert Leslie - RG

The Saint - Wellington Mk IC - T2509 - KO-W
Morson Harry Jenson Morson Harry Jenson Morson Harry Jenson Morson Harry Jenson
Thanks to Derek Bromby we received photo's of father’s uncle pilot Morson Harry Jenson and his crew.
The Wellington bomber IC T-2509 KO-W Crashed into the North Sea whilst returning from Berlin on 14th/15th Nov 1940. All crew survived, one crewmember, Dean Edgar Albert, drowned.
Harry later became a test pilot and unfortunately crashed in a Typhoon in Scotland leaving him with terrible burns to his face & hands. He was honourably discharged and became one of Sir Archibald McIndoe’s “Guinea Pig Club”

The Saint The Saint

Who can help ?

Hello, My name is Valerie Davis.

My father in law, Douglas Clifton Davis, was a pilot who flew Lancasters during WW2.
I have done a lot of research and have his log book and service records.
He was from South Australia and did a lot of his training there as well as in Victoria.
I know he was in 115 squadron as it is listed in his flying records but I can not find his name listed anywhere when I look for further information.

Can you help? Regards, Valerie Davis. Western Australia.

The crew,
Davis Douglas Clifton - Pilot
White Ron - FE
Carr Jock - Nav
McDonald "Mac" - WOP
Bundey Jimmy - BA
Jury Jack - MUG
Bradshaw Paddy - RG


Douglas Clifton Davis Douglas Clifton Davis
A new face: this photo was sent in by Roger Eade from his uncle he never met. (16/01/2017)

Lionel Walter EadeLionel Walter Eade and his crew did not return from a mission on Hamburg 3 August 1943.
Lancaster Mk II DS685 KO-A was shot down by a night fighter and crashed in the North Sea.

F/S Button Cyril, Pilot, age 22, 1339068, RAFVR - Runnymede Memorial panel 135
Sgt Bell Eric, FE, age?, 1558567, RAFVR - Runnymede Memorial panel 142
Sgt Pasquins Richard, Nav, age 20, 1396394, RAFVR - Runnymede Memorial panel 161
Sgt Brown Charles, WOP, age 31, 1208686 - RAFVR Runnymede Memorial panel 143
Sgt Petts Laurence, BA, age 21, 1321179, RAFVR - Runnymede Memorial panel 161
Sgt Eade Lionel, MUG, age 21, 1621889, RAFVR - Runnymede Memorial panel 148
Sgt Bailey John, RG, age 24, 547782, RAF - Runnymede Memorial panel 141

Also were lost, Lancaster Mk II DS673 KO-V – no survivors, and Lancaster Mk II DS715 KO-Q – no survivors.

On this mission 115 Squadron lost 21 crewmembers.

Memories of RAF Witchford

Sue Aldridge has fulfilled her ill husband’s dream of having his own book published. Barry Aldridge, from Ely, played a key role in setting up a display of Second World War memorabilia at Ely Museum in May 1995 to celebrate 50 years since the war ended.

Over the years, Barry became increasingly passionate with his research and the display grew and grew.

There is now a RAF Witchford Display of Memorabilia at the Lancaster Way Business Park - the former RAF Witchford airfield.
Info on Traces of War.com

Memories of RAF Witchford Barry Aldridge Now on sale at Burrows Bookshop in Ely’s High Street Passage. All profits will go to the RAF Witchford Display of Memorabilia and Soham Lodge Residents Fund.

To purchase a copy, please contact Sue Aldridge via email at:


RRP £16.00

Barry passed away peacefully in Soham Lodge Care Centre on Friday 1st January 2016, aged 68.

Frank leatherdaleIt is with great regret that we announce that Squadron Leader Frank Leatherdale (DFC) passed away peacefully on Wednesday 23rd March 2016.

He was President of 115 Squadron Association for many years. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Originally flew as a Navigator with 115 Squadron on Lancasters. After a period of instructing sent to 7 Squadron PFF as a Master Navigator. Frank finished the War on Mosquitoes and completed 59 Operations with Bomber Command.

Photo: "We never blamed the crews": the flooding of Walcheren Island, October 1944. Book by Paul Crucq. Top